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Comment: Re:I spent 3 hours trying to upgrade service... (Score 1) 251

by macbeth66 (#47712637) Attached to: Comcast Training Materials Leaked

No. I have FIOS for cable and internet service with NO phone service. I have a cell phone and don't need landline. I simply called them and said that I want this and this. They asked if I wanted their triple play thingie. They had a special limited time price which would have made it cheaper. I declined. No mess, no fuss.

Comment: Re:Maybe the FAA should inform the stewardesses (Score 1) 128

by macbeth66 (#47373319) Attached to: FAA's Ruling On Smartphones During Takeoff Has Had Little Impact

And to add to the rediculousness, when I was flying into St Maarten's airport (the famous one that's right over the beach) last month, the whole plane was reminded that we needed to put away our phones for pictures because "we aren't in FAA airspace, so the rules don't apply here." I guess the EM spectrum is different outside the States...

What airlines have you been on? I've never been told I couldn't take pictures with my camera. Or maybe this was just a St. Maarten's thing.

Comment: Re:For those who aren't photographers... (Score 1) 152

by macbeth66 (#46956001) Attached to: USPTO Approves Amazon Patent For Taking Pictures

It's sort of like patenting the application of ink to paper using a pen.

NOOOOO! I have been working on this for years and just sent in my patent application for this. I was sure this would make millions when I solved the problem of the pen leaking when I had it in my front shirt pocket. At this point, the basic solution was to take a Ziploc bag and refit it to the pocket.

Comment: Re:this would never happen in america. (Score 1) 284

by macbeth66 (#46940983) Attached to: Russia Quietly Passes Anti-Blogger Law

Shush, you! Don't ruin a good story about how the press is censored in the US.

And I love these books; "The Top Censored Stories and Media Analysis of YYYY" Um... Wait. Why are these books censored? Ah! These stories weren't censored, nobody gave a damn. Governments don't need to censor when the public is kept fat and lazy.

Comment: Please come back, Michael! (Score 1) 581

by macbeth66 (#46726663) Attached to: Michael Bloomberg: You Can't Teach a Coal Miner To Code

I am so sorry I maligned you and villified you for taking a third term when we had term limits. I'll even burn my Big Gulp jug. I see the error of my ways and that error has a name; Bill de Blasio. I know you left us, just to remind us how truly awful government can be. Now that we've learned our lesson, please come back!

Promising costs nothing, it's the delivering that kills you.