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Comment Re:I'm shocked! (Score 1) 124

And they aren't about to make the same kind of mistake they made with cell phones. If police and their masters had known how effective cell phone cameras would be in exposing widespread physical abuse of civilians, they'd have made it illegal to point any kind of recording device at a cop years ago.

Yeah... No. They saw all that with video cameras thirty years ago. Ill-behaved cops tried to get us to not record then and it didn't work. The difference now, is that more people are paying attention and recording. Maybe,.

Comment Re:I spent 3 hours trying to upgrade service... (Score 1) 251

No. I have FIOS for cable and internet service with NO phone service. I have a cell phone and don't need landline. I simply called them and said that I want this and this. They asked if I wanted their triple play thingie. They had a special limited time price which would have made it cheaper. I declined. No mess, no fuss.

Comment Re:Maybe the FAA should inform the stewardesses (Score 1) 128

And to add to the rediculousness, when I was flying into St Maarten's airport (the famous one that's right over the beach) last month, the whole plane was reminded that we needed to put away our phones for pictures because "we aren't in FAA airspace, so the rules don't apply here." I guess the EM spectrum is different outside the States...

What airlines have you been on? I've never been told I couldn't take pictures with my camera. Or maybe this was just a St. Maarten's thing.

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