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Comment: Re:Learn to dance (Score 1) 139

by mabraham (#26793619) Attached to: Steve Wozniak To Appear On Dancing With the Stars

As a final note, if you're a guy, your job while dancing is to make *her* look good.

Nope. Your job is to make an interesting story out of the music and have a good dialogue with your partner about it.

That's an AND not an OR! Making an interesting story, and having a dialogue ARE making her look good.

If she needs you to look good, something is very, very wrong with her balance.
Read up about balance in the judging guidelines. First and foremost, both partners must be balanced on their own. Then, the couple must be able to interact with each other in a balanced manner, and use this to express themselves better.

Dude, there is so much more to "making her look good" than keeping her balanced. You have to engage her, engage the audience to focus on her, craft the moves to frame her doing what you're leading her to do, and make sure she has fun so that she *does* look good. Her balance is her own problem. Not unbalancing her is one of yours.

With your bare hands?!?