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Comment: Re:why not use binder (Score 2) 341 341

Binder is "weird", Kroah-Hartman said. It came from BeOS and its developers were from academia. It was developed and used on systems without the System V IPC APIs available and, via Palm and Danger, came to Android. It is "kind of like D-Bus", and some (including him) would argue that Android should have used D-Bus, but it didn't. It has a large user-space library that must be used to perform IPC with binder.

Binder has a number of serious security issues when used outside of an Android environment, he said, so he stressed that it should never be used by other Linux-based systems.
The Military

United States Begins Flying Stealth Bombers Over South Korea 567 567

skade88 writes "The New York Times is reporting that the United States has started flying B-2 stealth bomber runs over South Korea as a show of force to North Korea. The bombers flew 6,500 miles to bomb a South Korean island with mock explosives. Earlier this month the U.S. Military ran mock B-52 bombing runs over the same South Korean island. The U.S. military says it shows that it can execute precision bombing runs at will with little notice needed. The U.S. also reaffirmed their commitment to protecting its allies in the region. The North Koreans have been making threats to turn South Korea into a sea of fire. North Korea has also made threats claiming they will nuke the United States' mainland."

You will have many recoverable tape errors.