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+ - Is Angry Fandom the real legacy of Star Trek?->

Submitted by maantren
maantren (825115) writes "If Star Trek has any relevance left, it's not in NASA visions, alien linguistics or the idea that life would be just peachy if an interstellar United Nations ran everything. Those are distractions. Star Trek's real gift to the world is the image of Trekkies, which has become the template for angry pop culture fandom, argues this piece at The Escapist."
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Comment: A researcher's perspective (Score 1) 255

by maantren (#23018528) Attached to: Adults Too Quick to Dismiss Educational Gaming?
A while back I wrote a piece about the ideals vs realism side of this topic for the Escapist:

(Yes this is shameless pimping but I think it's pretty relevant to the main topic and a lot of these comments)



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