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Comment: And that's not all. (Score 1) 492 492

There is of course the frequent practice of teachers speaking (thus discriminating the deaf) and sometimes even pointing at things (which is highly insensitive to those without arms)

And don't get me started about some teachers _teaching_, discriminating those of us, who are stupid and lazy.

Comment: Re:Private Car Cameras (Score 1) 480 480

As for "computer engineers are most likely to crash" ... correlation does not imply causation

So what? This is insurance, not science. They are not trying to create a grand unified theory of car crash probability, they just want to predict the probability of any given driver crashing. Correlation is good enough for that.


+ - Solar Panels to get Real Cheap Real Fast->

hankmt writes: "A worldwide shortage of silicon has kept prices of solar panels high. But as new technology comes to market and new silicon manufacturing plants go online all over the world, the market will have surplus of silicon and the price of solar panels will likely drop by over 40% in the next three years!"
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+ - ECMAScript 4 Reference Implementation Released->

mad.frog writes: "Dave Herman has posted a note on announcing that the first pre-release of the reference implementation of ECMAScript Edition 4 (a.k.a. JavaScript 2) is now available. Language geeks will be interested to find that the reference implementation of ECMAScript is being written in Standard ML, rather than pseudocode."
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Real computer scientists don't program in assembler. They don't write in anything less portable than a number two pencil.