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Comment Re: BBC - hammered by its own Political Correctnes (Score 2) 207

if i hire steve-o from jackass for a cooking show i know its gonna have ball sac's in it
if i hire clarkson for a tv show hes gonna be a brash asshole and talk out his arse

these are facts BBC knew the man and how he acted before they issued him 10 contacts

Comment Re:WoW? (Score 1) 277

on the 15 years of everquest movie . blizzard devs for wow talked about how one met his wife in eq and how they lost so much time playing everquest..D2 had issues of almost being late due to blizard dev team was raiding in eq1

With-out everquest blizzard wouldnt have a game to copy
wow is eq dumbed down..basically same game with less things

  everquest also helped start the whole Chinese gold farmers

Because items can be traded within the game and also because of illegal online trading on websites, virtual currency to real currency exchange rates have been calculated. The BBC reported that in 2002 work done by Edward Castronova showed that EverQuest was the 77th richest country in the world, sandwiched between Russia and Bulgaria and its GDP per capita was higher than that of the People's Republic of China and India.[23] In 2004, a follow-up analysis of the entire online gaming industry indicated that the combined GDP of the online "worlds" populated by the two million players was approximately the same as that of Namibia

Comment Re:geo-taging (Score 1) 286

from story

The Air Force has flown constant intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance flights over the battlefield, though the view has been muddy and "being able to identify the enemy is a challenge."

this is a problem right now isis looks the same as iraq fighters/civilians inless in wideopen
people coming and out of a building getting food looks just like isis makeing plans

Comment Re:Tesla isnt for everyday people (Score 1) 216

what if you dont work for someone and you have to drive to meet customers etc i drive 200+ miles aday at times
me and wife combined she drives around 80 miles aday to get to work..i do 140-250 miles to meet with people and look at houses dwellers might be okies..But still be scared with one crossing Chicago/etc.. This year i will prob buy a used volt due to range and i can treat it like a normal car plus money savings on used with warranty is way under 20k..

tesla fans always point out ...who drives more then 150 miles.. actually alot of people do..nor do most folks even think of mileage due to they just fill up when low

Comment Re:Lies, Damn lies and Statistics (Score 1) 216

i was looking to buy a volt ..i looked into volt fire/exploding only happened on prototype cars that where under safety testing
and one where the grounds on the 12volt start battery was smashed onto frame and smoldered/sparked till a fire started

more tesla's have burned then volts...musk wins again !

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