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Comment: Re:Why not contribute to gparted? (Score 1) 170

by m4rtink (#47854945) Attached to: Fedora To Get a New Partition Manager

It is based on the blivet storage management library:

Which is also used by the Anaconda Fedore/Red Hat Enterprise Linux installer:

And Open LMI:

But it might indeed use libparted to create the actual partitions.

Comment: Re:Damn the GUI! (Score 1) 170

by m4rtink (#47854881) Attached to: Fedora To Get a New Partition Manager

"The need of a new partition manager stems from the fact that none of the existing GUI partitioning tools supports all modern storage technologies"

Does the backend -and kickstart, support all those "modern storage technologies"?

That's the important part. For a GUI-based installation, the ability to format -and install into, a single root partition is good enough for me.

Yes - the blivet storage management library supports alsmost any existing data storage technology you can come up with and then some more. Thats the reason why Blivet GUI came to be - the functionality is already there, it just needs to be exposed by a graphical user interface.

Comment: Re:So why not land in the US in an emergency? (Score 1) 291

by m4rtink (#37239978) Attached to: Russian Resupply Crash Could Mean Leaving ISS Empty

Actually, I remember reading an English language "how to handle a Soyuz capsule landing in your backyard" manual, IIRC it was published somewhere on nasaspaceflight . It was written in such a manner that it could be given out to local administration, should the capsule land in an unplanned area by accident.

Nevertheless, it was quite an interesting read - how to help the cosmonauts open the capsule with a special wrench mounted on the outside of the capsule, to watch out for automatically deployed boom antennas, etc.

Looks like the manual is also included in this article:

Comment: Re:windshield wipers (Score 1) 143

by m4rtink (#37112954) Attached to: Cutting Edge Tech Slated For Next Mars Rover
I remember reading some reply from the designers to the issue of solar panel wipers. IIRC they thought about it but it would be too heavy, could scratch the panels and would have many moving components and motors that could easily break down. Also, it seems that Martian sand devils do the job just fine. :)

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