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Comment Re:Naturally, the passwords were not in clear (Score 1) 214

Hrm, so they got caught by phishing using a fake Forgot Password form, and they send the exact same password reset request in their break-in acknowledgement? D'oh! It could well be another phishing attempt :-)
+1 for personnal certificates stored on tokens. -1 for one time passwords. -100 for reused passwords (special mention for 'online banking').

Comment Re:Windows 7 faster than what? (Score 1) 770

Can anyone tell me why a computer that is 10 times faster with 4 times the memory is so much slower at responding to simple inputs? There's a perceptible lag when just single clicking a desktop icon to highlight it.

What antivirus do you run on each machine? Every file in a folder is scanned before it is displayed, that may explain a thing or two.. By the way in this regard Avira is decent at not slowing down too much things.

Comment OVH (Score 1) 106

they had 40K at the last official count and their new datacenter has a 50K capacity and filling quick (+3 bays/day 7/7). Not surprising given they offer the cheapest dedicated one can find ($15/mnth no contract: Atom 1.6Ghz, 512MB ram/2GB flash for swap, 10GB iSCSI disk, unlimited bandwidth).

Comment Re:In France (Score 1) 180

Here in France it is legal, except for wifi provider. Cellphone operators managed to get anti-concurrency laws about that. That's pretty stupid when one thinks about it.

Hrm, although you can't provide a bundled voip service with wifi, you can extend triple-play voip service over wifi (freephonie, sfr, orange, they all do it) so it's really not an issue.

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