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Comment: Re:No mention on capacity though (Score 5, Informative) 395

USA electricity pricing is 8 - 17 cents / kWh (source: So let's say $0.2 per kWh
10MW = 10,000 kW. So if you were using the full 10MW connection that would cost $2000 per hour. I'm sure if you are using that much you get a special rate.

From a quick search I found this PDF:
For that particular 26500m^2 shopping centre their energy usage was 4000 kVA, which is 4MW. There are at least 9 shopping centres in Australia that are 5x larger than that in terms of m^2.

So yes, there definitely are connections of that magnitude delivering continuous power. And they are not all that uncommon.

Comment: Re:Misleading Headline (go figure, its slashdot) (Score 2) 50

by m00j (#43193777) Attached to: 3G and 4G USB Modems Are Security Threat, Black Hat Presenter Says
Here in Australia Huawei and ZTE modems seem to be the only thing available from the majority of providers. Certainly the three major carriers have them (or did six months ago when I last looked), and I haven't seen a non-Huawei or ZTE modem from any of the MVNO.

Perhaps because in the USA you have different frequency bands?

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