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Comment Re:What would be really nice... (Score 1) 311

Really. But married men cannot go out easily and look for real women in the traditional way. They must accept what can be achieved on their computer in the secret of their room. And they are robbed. And they cannot even openly complain of being robbed. Those sites are real genius, they found the perfect target.

Comment Re:The Clickbait Tipping Point (Score 1) 342

Calm down everyone, did you have a bad day? I guess you react the same when reading "man killed by a falling tree" in the newspaper, like "stupid title, implying that trees are willingly killing people and trying to take over the world!", right?

I think the relevance is that a man died in a accident with a complex and autonomous machine (properly called "robots" since they exist in factories, like it or not), and that's not so easy in this case to predict everything that can go wrong, like, say "don't put your hand inside the press". Also, it's not so easy to say if the safety considerations are in charge of the user, or the machine's designer, and in what percentage.

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