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Comment: Re:The best trick (Score 5, Insightful) 257

by m.alessandrini (#49104705) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Parental Content Control For Free OSs?
Yeah I guess "how to detect an alien invasion" was more useful. Anyway I don't know why a parent should not be a good parent if he looks for extra means of protecting his children, other than what you can do every day. But asking something sensible here is like asking the drunkens at the bar.

+ - Ask Slashdot: parental content control for free OSs?

Submitted by m.alessandrini
m.alessandrini (1587467) writes "Children grow up, and inevitably they will start using internet and social networks, both for educational and recreational purposes. And it won't take long to them to learn to be autonomous, especially with all the smartphones and tablets around and your limited time.
Unlike the years of my youth, when internet started to enter our lives gradually, now I'm afraid of the amount of inappropriate contents a child can be exposed to unprepared: porn, scammers, cyberbullies or worse, are just a click away.
For Windows many solutions claim to exist, usually in form of massive antivirus suites. What about GNU/Linux? Or Android? Several solutions rely on setting up a proxy with a whitelist of sites, or similar, but I'm afraid this approach can make internet unusable, or otherwise be easy to bypass. Have you any experiences or suggestions? Do you think software solutions are only a part of the solution, provided children can learn hacking tricks better than us, and if so, what other "human" techniques are most effective?"

Comment: Why should they invade earth? (Score 2) 576

To me the best argument against an invasion is this (not mine, of course): with all the incredible technology they would have, they would find what they need in millions best places in the galaxy. Why should they chose one little planet among billions ones, and just the rare one that's hosting life? Unless they are sadist and enjoy killing living beings, of course, but that would be a too much expensive hobby even for them, I guess...

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