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Comment What I do for my passwords (Score 4, Interesting) 165

Seriously, can you give me advice if this is a safe approach? To remember the passwords for the many web accounts, and to not reuse the same password everywhere, I use a password made from a fixed difficult sequence of characters (the same for all sites), then add a couple of letters depending on the site's name. If sites, as it should be, store only the digest/checksum of the password, even in case of stolen database one should not be able to reverse it and find the original password with the "algorithm" to apply it to other sites. I'm not a crypto expert, do you think this can be reasonably safe?

Comment Re:One huge problem still (Score 2) 173

Probes and rovers have found no visible signs of organic substances. Anyway, I say: let's contaminate it! If we are afraid of altering even a little bit of another planet we'll never go anywhere. Let's start a massive terraforming program and make Mars habitable to a minimum, I think it's the only hope to find possible signs of past life or other important discoveries, much more than leaving it as it is.

Comment Re:What would be really nice... (Score 1) 311

Really. But married men cannot go out easily and look for real women in the traditional way. They must accept what can be achieved on their computer in the secret of their room. And they are robbed. And they cannot even openly complain of being robbed. Those sites are real genius, they found the perfect target.

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