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Comment: Don't translate software you don't understand! (Score 1) 488

Many programs have translations to non-english languages that contains many ridicolous mistakes, obviously coming from people that don't understand the technical terms in that given program. In many cases I override the system language when I call certain programs, it's simply irritating.

Please choose to contribute to localization only for programs you fully understand and use.

Comment: Re:It's an Intel Atom (Score 2) 109

by m.alessandrini (#48415669) Attached to: Nokia's N1 Android Tablet Is Actually a Foxconn Tablet
I have a Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 10", it has an Atom CPU (unlike all other Samsung tablets), and it feels better than other ARM devices I tried, both in speed and battery duration. It seems like Intel is getting it right in the mobile too, and their silicon technology in unrivaled today (22 nm, or even less soon).

About software compatibility, they have a proprietary software, called houdini IIRC, that recompiles (I think) ARM native code to intel on the fly. I never noticed any differences with apps and games, and 99% of them have native ARM code inside.

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