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You're right, I too feel for animals suffering, but would we be here talking about this if medicine had not evolved like it currently has, thanks (also) to research on animals? It's a sad choice you must make. And maybe you would not find a high enough number of human patients to experiment with.

A friend of mine working in a lab with rats, told me that rats live a very comfortable life there, at least until they are "used", arguably more comfortable than rats living in the wild. I know, this is not exactly a valid excuse.

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I realize my post sounded cynical, but research on animals (or part of it) can contribute to save your life or the life of a loved one, so you have to choose, and it's sad to say but humans have evolved more than other animals, and exploit this condition to try to fight diseases and other problems. Maybe who knows, one day we will be able to save all the other species in exchange, think for example if one day a big asteroid will be directed towards earth and we will be able to deflect it.

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Please everyone, let's draw a line with animal-right defense. It's rats here, the same rats we exterminate in thousands when they approach our towns. And we eat a lot of animals more intelligent than rats (we = majority of people). I would argue that curing lethal diseases and paralysis is as important as eating. Another thing I really hope for the future is having transpantable organs grown in pigs or other animals.

I'd rather die than have dozens, hundreds or thousands of animals tortured to help me live more comfortably

Really? Really? Tell us again when you'r really dying.

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Really, from what you say they're so "illiterate" that putting them in front of a computer can only get damages. If their only need is e-mail, maybe they should use other forms of messaging, even SMS could be better. Otherwise, give them a computer with a very limited interface, email only, like e.g. those kiosks in the shops that allow you to print your photos.

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