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Comment: Re:Or, not use Android (Score 1) 44

by m.alessandrini (#49457053) Attached to: Google Battles For Better Batteries
I entended my phone's battery life, and its speed and responsiveness, by uninstalling or disabling all (almost) the apps that have background processes always in execution. See under Settings -> Applications -> Running. You should really invest some time for finding alternative apps that don't rely on background processes for ads and the like, or recognize you don't need them installed all the time.

By trial and errors, you may find that it's only one or two apps that occupy the most resources. I suspect some programmers don't really know what "background" means. For me it totally was a weather app, shipping with the phone.

Comment: Re:Incentives (Score 1) 320

Sweden has a population of less than 10 million, like many other northern European countries, and those countries have strong economies and optimal wellfare, including universities and everything related, arguably because less pepole means more per capita resources.

Comment: Re:So this is what they use donations for (Score 1) 103

by m.alessandrini (#49225363) Attached to: Wikimedia Foundation Files Suit Against NSA and DOJ
Exactly for me.

These are some topics I've always been curious about, just for the sake of knowledge, and not to endorse them in any way, and that I never looked up, not even on wikipedia, for fear of being "flagged" or whatever:

- pipe bomb construction. Is really that easy to build one as they do in movies? Should I be worried that any psychopath could build one?

- mein kampf. What was going on in that man's mind?

I could think of many other ones... And consider that I don't even live in America.

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