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Comment: Re:Abiword size matters (Score 1) 511

by lvdrproject (#10129786) Attached to: AbiWord vs. MS Word, For Now

Firstly, 'none' is not a contraction for 'not one'. It is a DESCENDANT of a contraction for the Old English phrase meaning 'not one'.

Secondly, the usage of the word depends on what you're talking about. 'None' is defined as both 'not any' (which is the first defintion, mind you) and 'not one' on ( is down -_-). In the case of 'not any' (i.e., 'not any amount' of something), you would usually use the word as a plural. In the case of 'not one' (i.e., 'not a single one' of something), you would use it as a singular.

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