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Comment: Re:Car analogy. (Score 1) 353

by luddite47 (#31790822) Attached to: PS3 Owner Refunded For Missing "Other OS"
Okay - I'll bite.

Imagine that you've bought a 2-door car and everything's working great... Your favorite feature is the built-in roof mount for your array of HAM radio antennas. You take your car in to get an oil change and they remove the mount as part of a safety thing. You can still mount your antennas - but now you need to use a bumper hitch, and you have to install it yourself. There's a guy with a how-to on the web... (and that guy is pissed about the whole thing, but that's another story.)

See - a majority of users could give a rat's behind about a weird hobbyist feature. Most of the owners will be just fine without the roof mount. In fact, I bet that most owners won't even notice. There's just a few hobbyists that will be up in arms...

See the difference there?

Sure - you should feel entitled to some money back - but most consumers won't notice. It's not at all like you took their back doors away.

Comment: Re:Typical..... (Score 2, Informative) 289

by luddite47 (#29094761) Attached to: TomTom Releases iPhone Navigation App
Some corrections for you: The first iphone had no GPS. (Correct). The second added GPS. And the third added a compass/magnetometer.

And more importantly: TeleNav is a monthly fee. The tomtom app is an app - so you pay once and you get it. Not sure how you end up with 'double.' Looks like it's about 10bucks per month. (
So you'll be paying double after about 1 year of use! (And, in spite of paying more, you won't be that hipster you long to be.)

Comment: Re:They're setting themselves up for a lawsuit (Score 1) 675

by luddite47 (#26985023) Attached to: How To Handle Corporate Blackmail?
Yeah - and, as a hiring manager, when I get a glowing endorsement of: "yeah - he worked here from 2006 to 2008." I treat that as a big warning.

The OP's concerns are valid. He wants positive reviews and NOT the "worked here" review.

And yeah - sue them. Employees that sue their employers, even when right, have trouble getting hired again. So if you sue your employer it had better be for something serious enough that you are either 1) making the world a better place by eliminating a gross employer abuse 2) getting a LOT of money such that you won't need another job.

Comment: What does this mean for us card carriers? (Score 1) 589

by luddite47 (#26381051) Attached to: Obama Recommends Delay In Digital TV Switch
Like most card carrying nerds, I get my TV from the ATSC broadcast OTA today on mostly the UHF band. If the switch happens what do *I* need to do?

The FCC is selling a big chunk of the 700MHz UHF spectrum, right? So will some of my channels move?

The only information that I can find about "THE SWITCH" assumes that I have an NTSC tuner (and that I'm really slow.)

AHA! Answering my own question...
Any channel mapped higher than 52 will go away:
Which for me means there are a few channels that will move.
And they show which ones will move here:
Interestingly - there are ATSC channels being moved even though they aren't in the sold spectrum!

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