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Comment: Re:Likely to be different? (Score 1) 119

by lucif3r (#30945050) Attached to: NSF Tags $30M For Game-Changing Internet Research
This seems so wrong headed "Proposals should not focus on making the existing Internet better through incremental changes, but rather should focus on designing comprehensive architectures that can meet the challenges and opportunities of the 21st century."

Right, because radical changes are so often effective and quickly adopted... go, go, government waste.

Comment: Re:going out on a limb, here ... (Score 1) 834

by lucif3r (#28041051) Attached to: Sarah Connor Chronicles — Why It Died
You can't be serious, this was not a good show. Granted I only watched a couple of the early episodes so I will consider the possibility it improved over time. From what I saw though, it was poorly acted (Summer Glau's character had all the depth of that girl from Small Wonder), had a terrible plot concept, and the writing made it come across like a sci-fi version of Gilmore Girls.

Comment: Re:Armageddon (Score 1) 447

by lucif3r (#27778657) Attached to: Klingons Cut From Final Star Trek XI Movie

Abrams sucks. This Trek will suck.

Wow this is some really deep and thoughtful stuff here.

Personally, I haven't seen anything Trek lately that I would call a "Sci-Fi gem". I say let Abrams have his shot, its not like Franks was doing anything revolutionary with it, and lets not even start on Braga Let's hope Abrams can breath some life into what appears to have been allowed to become a dead franchise.

Comment: Re:Retarded (Score 1) 874

by lucif3r (#26905093) Attached to: Don't Like EULAs? Get Your Cat To Agree To Them
I dunno, I have never really understood the problem people have with EULAs. My understanding is that they primarily serve the purpose of protecting software companies from frivolous lawsuits.

I seriously doubt any company could put a clause that requires something from the user that would ever stand up in a court of law. Besides, you generally agree to them anonymously, so it isn't like they could actually track you down to ask for that firstborn you promised them.

Other than some pretty weird copyright statements like the latest Facebook TOS I've never really seen anything that made me look twice in an EULA (and no, truthfully I don't generally read them).

Again, even with the "we own your stuff" type agreements, I think it is just another attempt to completely cover their own asses and prevent users from trying to sue them for publishing stuff they posted publicly out of their own free will. Yes it is going too far, but you can't blame them for trying... well I guess you can blame them for whatever you want really ;-).

Comment: Re:Net Neutrality in Action (Score 1) 269

by lucif3r (#26891767) Attached to: CRTC Mulls Canadian Content On the Internet
No, the CRTC defines the Canadian content broadcasting rules. Obviously the network asked SCTV to help them meet their requirements, however the rules come directly from the CRTC. The rules are beyond stupid and I can't believe they are trying to take this as far as the internet. What a waste of taxpayers dollars.

Comment: Re:Wrong Premise (Score 1) 1108

by lucif3r (#26771171) Attached to: Why Sustainable Power Is Unsustainable
You're right, clearly they should have asked the scientists who have recently published a paper on gynecology for expert opinions on climate change.

Hmmm, a poll of all meteorological scientists huh? You mean including the ditsy weather girl on channel 6? Thanks, I will stick to the published experts.

You're argue there is no consensus, yet you just complain you don't like the evidence someone has given to you of a consensus, you provide no counter evidence just an empty anecdote.

You're opinion becomes valid when you prove to me how you are an expert on anything I should care about, least of all the global climate.

Comment: Re:+Troll (Score 1) 781

by lucif3r (#26746385) Attached to: Ubuntu Wipes Windows 7 In Benchmarks
wooosh... ;-)

That was basically my point, about the summary. I didn't have high hopes for the article either.

Also, not to sound like a fanboy, but unless I am mistaken most linux filesystems don't suffer from serious fragmentation problems like FAT32 and NTFS. link

I am sure someone will correct me if I am wrong about that though.


MySQL Co-Founder Monty Widenius Quits Sun 140

Posted by timothy
from the good-luck-with-the-next-thing-monty dept.
BobB-nw writes "Michael 'Monty' Widenius, the original developer of the open-source MySQL database, has left Sun Microsystems and is starting his own company, Monty Program Ab, he said in a blog post Thursday. Widenius and Sun had a slightly rocky relationship since the vendor bought MySQL last year for $1 billion. In a much-discussed November blog post, he trashed Sun's decision to give MySQL 5.1 a 'generally available' designation, saying it was riddled with serious bugs. Meanwhile, Monty Program Ab will be 'a true open-source company,' with only a small number of employees who 'strive to have fun together and share the profit we create.' The company will work on the Maria project, a storage engine Widenius and others developed, he wrote.'"

Nobody's gonna believe that computers are intelligent until they start coming in late and lying about it.