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Comment: Re:Not at those speeds (Score 1) 51

by lucat (#28580103) Attached to: Behind the First Secure Quantum Crypto Network

1kbps should be good enough to exchange secret keys for "real world" cryptography.
This should be used in place of Asymmetric-key cryptography.

Once you know that the secret key has not been eavesdropped then you can use regular symmetric-key cryptography over faster but unsafe communication channels.

The goal of secure quantum networks is to substitute asymmetric-key cryptography, non in place of symmetric-key cryptography.

The length of a symmetric-key for AES-256 is... 256 bits... so 1kbps for that is good enough.

Comment: Re:Here it is for 5c (Score 3, Insightful) 844

by lucat (#28433171) Attached to: NIH Spends $400K To Figure Out Why Men Don't Like Condoms

Why don't you chop off your whole penis then? If by just removing the foreskin you reduce the risk of HIV, following your reasoning, it would be good to remove the whole penis which should lower the chances of getting HIV almost to zero.

I find this kind of argument pretty much hilarious and so it would be if there wasn't people who would take it seriously and damage in a non-repairable way the penises of their sons. This kind of choice is one you just cannot revert and you are simply depriving THEIR choice to have their WHOLE body just as "god" or nature made it imposing your choices to them for their whole life.

I think that if my parents did something like that to me i would simply take them to court, but i understand that a foreskin-less man simply does not know what he is missing just like a blind man can't know what sight is and this is the only reason why there are not so many sons who take their parents in front of their responsibilities for useless choices that cannot be reverted for fear of "god", "hiv", "the toothfairy" and so on.

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