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Comment Can I close this interview as "not constructive"? (Score 1) 129

Every time I see "this question is closed as "not constructive", I'd like to give StackOverflow a taste of their own medicine. For example, StackOverflow exec's would be having an board meeting over the phone, and all of a sudden the phone clicks off and a pre-recorded voice says, "This meeting has been closed as primarily opinion-based and not constructive".

Comment Re:I have no problem with wanting my hair back. (Score 1) 232

I've never cried after seeing something on the Internet, and I least expected it to happen on Slashdot, but I cried after reading this post. Your post really shows the daily struggles that bald people experience. I really hope they find the cure to baldness someday. Don't despair though. Science is ever making advances. I'm sorry if I ever offended anyone with my ignorance about baldness, and will never make light of it again.

Comment Advantages for Believing in God? (Score 2) 1142

Leaving aside the question of whether or not a god exists, do you think belief in god can give one an evolutionary advantage? Daniel Dennett postulates a war between a gold army and a silver army: "The gold soldiers believe that God is on their side, that God will answer their prayers, that if they die they will go to heaven and be rewarded by God. The silver soldiers are well-informed and highly trained economists. They are taking out insurance policies, laying out side bets, they’re doing very well informed cost-benefit analysis, they’ve got exit strategies both personal and by group."

Comment Are they really well paid? (Score 5, Insightful) 342

I'm not so sure that these engineers are very well paid. Last year, Apple CEO Tim Cook was awarded $378 million in compensation. According to the above survey, the average software engineer at Apple makes $114,413 a year. In order to make the same amount as the CEO, the engineer would have to work 3300 years. So let's ask the question: When would the engineer have had to start working in order to have the same amount of money as the CEO? The engineer's first day of work would be 1300 years before Jesus of Nazareth would be born. And keep in mind this is an engineer. Consider junior level employees. According to an article by the New York Times, a salesman working at an Apple store makes about $11.25 an hour. He would make the same amount as the CEO in about 16 thousand years —- that would put his first day of work well into the stone age -- if you’re a creationist, his work time would be longer than the age of the universe.

Comment Fedora Core V Install Poorly Tested? (Score 1) 135

I feel the ease-of-installation is one of the main things we can do to switch people from Windows to Linux. In past versions of Fedora Core/ Red Hat, new installations have seamless. However, the Fedora Core V release seems to have been very poorly tested in this regard. My users ran into one problem after another. I would be interested in hearing comments for future Fedora Core versions on this issue.

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