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+ - Researchers Discover an 'Off Switch' For Pain in the Brain-> 1

Submitted by concertina226
concertina226 (2447056) writes "Scientists working together from several international universities have discovered that it is possible to block a pathway in the brain of animals suffering from neuropathic pain, which could have a huge impact on improving pain relief in humans.

So far, the most successful ways to treat chronic pain from a pharmacological point of view are to create drugs that that interact or interfere with various channels in the brain to decrease pain, including adrenergic, opioid and calcium receptors.

However, there is another way – a chemical stimulator called adenosine that binds to brain receptors to trigger a biological response.

Adenosine has shown potential for killing pain in humans, but so far, no one has managed to harness this pain pathway successfully without causing a myriad of side effects.

Led by Dr Daniela Salvemini of SLU, the researchers discovered that by activating the A3 adenosine receptor in the rodents' brains and spinal cords, the receptor was able to prevent or reverse pain from nerve damage (the cause of chronic pain)."

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Comment: it's the pulseaudio guy (Score 1) 613

by louden obscure (#47814055) Attached to: You Got Your Windows In My Linux

Um yeah, uh, no thanks. I hate pulseaudio, prolly cuz I didn't want it, it just showed up an upgrade or so ago on debian..
At least I can remove it and just rely on alsa, systemd prolly not so much. Quit fucking with debian. debian is not ubuntu. Why can't you just leave well enough alone? I'll just have to hang onto Wheezy as long as I can.

+ - A new class of plastics : recyclable thermosetting polymers.->

Submitted by RockDoctor
RockDoctor (15477) writes "Plastics which form by chemical reactions in the presence of heat are very useful. They can be very strong, and if you incorporate appropriate "filler" materials (chalk, glass fibre, carbon fibre), they can have very attractive engineering properties. But .. that chemical reaction makes them very difficult to recycle, because the new chemical formed during the reaction will often char before it melts. We're not talking about thermo-plastic polymers here (e.g. nylon, polypropylene, PET), but thermo-setting ones including epoxies, phenol-formaldehyde resins, etc.

But no more : an international team have discovered a new class of polymer-forming reactions that produce a thermo-setting polymer, but they can recover the initial components by digesting the polymer with moderately strong acid (pH 2 ; I'd wear gloves. And glasses.), so after a component is used and obsolete, or broken, it can be separated reasonably easily into it's original components (including valuable reinforcing materials, such as carbon fibre) and these then re-used. That is a pretty big step forward."

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+ - Debian switches to Xfce, ditches GNOME->

Submitted by sfcrazy
sfcrazy (1542989) writes "Debian will now benefit from the Xfce desktop environment as it is to switch from GNOME for Debian 8.0, codenamed “Jessie”. But GNOME may go back as the default if developers find it to be a better choice at the time of the evaluation, which will start around the point of DebConf (August 2014). “This will be re-evaluated before jessie is frozen (the switch to Xfce),” Hess said in the mailing list."
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+ - Politicians & Celebrities Personal Data Stolen in Limo Cloud Service Hack

Submitted by alphatel
alphatel (1450715) writes "In as yet another Plain Text hack, a company which handles bookings for Limousine companies through an online portal had user credit card, address and personal data exposed, including pickups and activities. These may be the same attackers who recently lifted PR Newswire and Adobe info from the same servers. Beyond the credit card data were important personal notes, including who to contact and what, if any, illicit activity may have occurred in the vehicles.

It must be interesting to have all your data exposed to a group of violent strangers, like the way the rest of the world is exposing itself to the NSA. Shoe, meet foot."

Comment: you can't win against the house (Score 1) 304

AT&T knew this would happen, my monthly DSL bandwidth has a soft cap of 150 GB with extra data charged @ $10/per additional 50 GB. AT&T thinks 5 gigs a day should be enough for anyone, my grand kids would beg to differ; they are very network intensive with Ipods and tablets and a roku box and video messaging and netflix and youtube and "grampa could you get us " which means a torrent download with appropriate uploading and more bandwidth...

Comment: color me disapointed (Score 1) 142

by louden obscure (#44329425) Attached to: Tar Pitch Drop Captured On Camera

Pitch may be a dictionary synonym for tar or bitumen, but out in the real world pitch is not asphalt. Pitch is an entirely different beast from its bituminous asphalt derived cousin, as anyone that has had the displeasure of replacing a pitch based roofing system by means of a roof tear off can attest.
Kinda like cramming windoze and debian into the same definition of an OS. For a site that claims to be befitting of nerds the articles increasingly seem to be reported by the local 6:00 news team. I believe netcraft has confirmed it; slashdot has jumped the shark.

Comment: mostly a non-issue (Score 4, Informative) 159

I've had this repo in my apt list forever, it's changed names three times and has had two maintainers since I've added it to my list. It's where the dvd decrypter deally lived and a better mplayer package and well surprise, multi-media packages that were/are bleeding edge compared to the stock debian fare. I changed my apt source ages ago to reflect the title change after I noticed apt-get was pitching a fit; it only took opening up another browser tab and going to the multi-media web site to see why. You have to manually edit/write a file to add the repo, manually grab and load the key. Jeeze, I always have to add non-free and contrib on a new default install.

  I'm cutting the muti-media maintainer lotsa slack, I appreciate his effort.


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