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Comment Interpreting requirements (Score 1) 242

I go through recruiters. With X years of programming experience, they come to me. But HR are the ones who gave them the job requirements, usually.

I've been around long enough, though, that I can interpret what HR says into what's actually needed. 5 years of jQuery experience? How about 15 years of object-oriented javascript programming, that oughta be good. I can familiarize myself with a specific library as needed.

Reading through the job requirements from a recruiter is like being at the end of a game of telephone - you have to guess what the actual intent is, see if it's a job you really want, and if it's something you think you're qualified for.

Comment Re:nothing new under the sun (Score 1) 446

>I would actually be interested to know what the logic is here

All you have to do is read the graphic they posted on the site.

It's pretty shallow to think they're motivated by betrayal. The people behind the site appear to also run other sites that promote prostitution and human trafficking, and they even extort money from their own customers to protect their privacy by charging a fee to have personal information removed (which as we all know is probably not actually happening - those sites probably never delete anything unless it's to protect their own ass). The media doesn't seem to be showing the whole side of the story and just claiming this is about the ashleymadison site when it's much more than that. This looks like it was some kind of long-term effort to stop a company from profiting from what many might consider to be illegal and immoral activities.

I'm not condoning what the hackers have done, but this appears to be a conflict between two dark groups on the internet. I don't see a good guy here.

Comment Re:speaking as an engineer, it happens. (Score 2) 323

Linus remains the sole gatekeeper for what goes or doesn't go in the kernel

He isn't.

You're free to release your kernel with whatever patches you want to approve or reject just as much as Linus can.

In fact - just about every major distro works that way - applying not necessarily the exact same set of patches that Linus does.

Of course many people trust Linus, so most distros follow him pretty closely.

But that's because people trust him - not that he's some magical "Gatekeeper".

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