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Comment: Re:What about Unicode? (Score 1) 86

by lothar97 (#26023413) Attached to: China's .cn Now the Second Most Popular TLD

Forgive my ignorance, but is there such a thing as a Unicode TLD? Like instead of the Western characters "cn", is there something that's rendered in Chinese characters for a fully Chinese domain name?

Yes, one can register domains that are full Chinese equivalent, without any Latin characters. They work in China and outside of China, however Latin character .cn domain names are more widely used.


Bitlocker No Real Threat To Decryption? 319

Posted by Zonk
from the keep-this-under-your-hat dept.
An anonymous reader writes "The Register is running a story called 'Vista encryption 'no threat' to computer forensics'. The article explains that despite some initial concerns that lawbreakers would benefit from built-in strong encryption, it's unlikely the Bitlocker technology will slow down most digital forensic analysts. What kind of measures does one need to take to make sure no one but yourself has access to your data? Is Bitlocker just good enough (keeping out your siblings) or does it miss the whole purpose of the encryption entirely?" One would hope an international criminal mastermind could do better than the encryption built into Vista.

+ - A Google Presentation Tool?

Submitted by echronicle
echronicle writes: Ionut Alex at the Google Operating System blog recently wrote that Google is developing a new web tool — "Presently". Although Google hasn't publicly released any information about this tool, a document was found with the following information: a person using Presently will have the ability to convert a document into a presentation, create slides, and view their presentation in full-screen. Some of the current concerns, however, are: 1) "Presently" would not be Opera compatible, & 2) there are already other online presentation software (Zoho Show, Preezo, Empressr) that Google would have to compete against.

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