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Comment Re:When Technology Fails? (Score 1) 387

Do you require your kids to have Cell phones or have money for them? I do not allow my kids to have Cell phones... they text only in some games and so this is a really economic statement generally. Communication is digital but figuring out information is still better freehand.

Comment Cut Calories and Increase Exercise. My god! (Score 4, Interesting) 496

My Fitness Pay is a great "Food log" which was told I should use 25 years ago when I first started noticing the "behind the desk" effect. I still play sports constantly but the weight gain was huge.

I lost 50+ lbs on MyfitnessPal. I didn't need to eat the crappy "whey" and other tasteless stuff. I chose to eat a bowl of cereal in the morning, low cal lunch (100-200 cals from a frozen quick meal) and I would eat a big dinner. Big dinner? Steak and Potato with a Salad at Outback. All that under the calorie limit to sit sedentary and lose 1.5 lbs a week.

When I stopped Myfitnesspal, I gained weight. Its a simple equation: Get a real Food Diary and use it.

Now, to get that my fitness pal back on track.

Oh, and avoid Diet Drinks. This guy mentions he ate high protein to make sure he burned FAT but diet drinks just make you crave food. I really think high protein foods = less sugar = less cravings. Thus the steaks are much better than burgers effect for losing weight. They stay in you longer and are half the calories.

Comment Be careful, the Devils advocate is useful (Score 1) 255

In Team management, a team is more productive with a devils advocate that challenges and pushes others. Linus holds the devils advocate position for Linux as he constantly challenges and even causes issues with others.

The problem of being a Devil's Advocate is that they are seen as "Obstructionists, nay Sayers, anti-anything, slowdown members, etc" and when given a choice are the first voted out of a team. When the Devil's Advocate (or Angel member as we try and name them) are gone, the team starts to lose focus and goes the effectiveness goes down.

This is management 101 training. The problem with any organization including FREE is that there has to be a strong discernment between the devils advocate and the complete slug. This is a hard thing to do and I have seen many projects kick the backbones off because they were "slowing the project down" and the project then gets worse, not better.

Comment Guitar Hero is actually FUN and family! (Score 2) 163

I know.. I do have a family and my daughter is special and she loves Guitar Hero/Rock Band and I have every one I can get my hands on from GameStop used bins and even have 3 Metallica Guitar Hero (Best Guitar Hero ever!). I will play with her, my son will play with her, and as a family we have a lot of fun. It is something special to enjoy a community game that has some great tunes behind it.

Enough with the advertising. I just want new guitars and new sounds. I personally prefer Rocksmith but all these games are just fun in the end. It is a family event rather than a family fight.

I look forward to it myself.

Comment Re:This is no surprise... (Score 3, Informative) 288

Oracle licensing has some issues that cause smaller businesses to avoid VirtualBox like the plague. One cannot just buy one license for 100 bucks(as implied on website) instead have to pay 5k for a single license the way they work the "license magic". This type of cost for something small and simply pushes smaller companies to spend an extra day or two or more on development and use KVM, Xen, etc.

Oracle is shooting themselves in the foot over a good product.

Comment And There was this Angel (Score 1) 1226

There was this angel who was following this man named Ben Franklin. After a long time Ben Franklin went out with a Kite and discovered Electricity. The angel was so astonished he went to God and said "God, See this man Ben Franklin Discovered Electricity" and God said "Its about time".

The Bible never preaches blind devotion, in fact if you find the greatest of those in the bible were also the most learned. Moses (court learning), Jesus (was in the temple lecturing the teachers at 12), and many others, Paul, Matthew, etc. God wants you to worship him with your mind, not just your heart and body. Those that INSIST on blind devotion are the same people that are told "Hey, I will take your money and give it to someone else and its good for you" and they believe it.

Remember: Bible is Why, Science is How.

Comment What fee is Russia paying to the US landowners? (Score 1) 249

Since the USA has planted the Flag and owns the moon, I am wondering what fee will be changed for the use of the land for "Moonbase" privileges. I would hate to see the Government have to evict the Russians for squatting and/or not paying rent. Of course, the US must maintain regulatory compliance with Moon renting laws.

Just because a highway, payed for by the Government, does not exist, DOES not mean people have the right to claim land. It may take a boat, a plane, a rocketship to get to the owned territory but it is still the owners.

Comment Re:Emotionally invested in what exactly? (Score 1) 171

The pragmatic difference is that the barrier to entry for software programming is much, much lower. When a person can violate your patents with nothing more than a PC and a compiler, then there are potentially tens of thousands of people who will end up doing so. But the actual result is no different to that of other industries - the PC is to software what Star Trek 3D replicators would be to hardware - if we actually had 3D replicator technology, then people working in every industry would be living under the threat of patent trolls, and many of them would be calling for their industry to be exempted. So, why should software be treated as a special case?

Ummm.,,. The difference is that with such ease people can also come up and implement the same idea without having others show it to you. Imagine a world where a bridge concept is patentable. Meaning: Cavemen walking around sees a river, pushes a tree over and walks to the other side... thats a patent violation. Instead of patenting How he was able to get the tree in position, how he was able to stabilize the tree, etc... the whole concept is patentable. Software ideas can be relatively implemented much faster than other ideas and can be generated with 500 different methods to do the same thing. Patents like: Touch a screen to make an item move.. come on, thats a bridge concept. How about HOW you make the item move? or read the finger, etc.

I would argue that the reason Software Patents is a bad idea directly is because COPYWRITE already covers the details. Ideas happening. Patenting the Human Genome? give me a break.

Comment Re:Correlation is not causation (Score 1) 684

Whoa... LIVE football players show similar damage? I would need "Citation here"

I am, still, under the impression that science cannot reveal this type of damage until you are DEAD. That is why people are donating their brains to Chris Nowinski and company for them to test.

If we could detect that damage now, why would we even let SOME football players, *Ahem* Payton Manning *Ahem*, still play this game?

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