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Comment Re:Aural bypass (Score 1) 135

There are brainstem auditory implants that are for people with actual nerve deafness (damage to the 8th cranial nerve, not the cochlea as is the case for most types of deafness)... Since this type of deafness is quite rare (they would only consider something like this for bilateral losses), very few people have them. They are only available via clinical trial in the US for children, but they are approved in Europe.

Comment I don't know if this counts or not... (Score 3, Interesting) 135

...but, back in high school, one of my science teachers glued a tiny mirror to the center of a speaker cone. He then reflected a laser off of it onto the wall. When he played music though it, the vibrations made a very cool low cost laser show! Now that lasers are cheap and plentiful, I've always meant to recreate that laser show. One of these decades, I'll get around to it! ;-)

Comment Re:Huh? (Score 1) 154

A surface phone will be running on an Intel x86 chipset, like a surface or a laptop would. That means it's a full fledged PC in your pocket that can run real windows 10 applications straight out of the box like you would on a PC. That's the difference between the "surface" phone and a current Windows phone--mainly, the chipset. It's a big deal. It certainly gives the surface phone a unique selling point that other phones can't offer.

Comment Re:The Original Article is Pure Crap (Score 2) 165

I would disagree with you wholeheartedly... I would be potentially very interested in a "surface" phone, and I think a lot of other people would be too... depending on how it eventually worked, of course. It could potentially be a gamechanger or it could be another flop, but Microsoft is at least going outside the box to try and do something different. There is a decent demand for surface tablets. I don't see why there wouldn't be similar demand for a surface phone if it is done correctly.

Comment Re:It's almost 2016... (Score 1) 95

Oh wait... this is a different Terrafugia model than the one I knew about earlier. This one actually looks like a flying car should look like and has four seats! I'm definitely interested now! I believe that this also only requires an ultralight flying license to fly.Of course, it's only a model at this point, but this is definitely more what people expect from a flying car!!

Comment It's almost 2016... (Score 1) 95

...and I'm still waiting for my flying car!!! Oh, wait!! :-P

I've been curious about this thing for some time now. It' certainly not the flying car that we imagined one would look like, but something that can be both driven and flown would be very useful and versatile--fly to an airport close to your destination and then drive the rest of the way. You'd still look like you're driving a UFO on the highway, but so what? If they ever make a 4 seat version of this, I'm in! The price isn't too bad, too, IIRC considering what it can do... Certainly cheaper than a real plane, and it runs on regular gas and can be parked in your driveway instead of renting out a hangar!

Comment So? (Score 1) 397

Not everyone is good at math, but we still teach it. Not everyone is good at science, but basic science courses are still required curriculum. The students who do well in those courses often find a career in them, but they might never have known that they would be good at something like this until they try. It's important for schools to introduce kids to programming if for no other reason than to identify those who might have further interest in the study.

Comment Re:Windows Mobile is remind me of OS/2 (Score 1) 121

The current Nadella "universal apps" strategy is working. Microsoft Surface has gained a significant amount of both mindshare and market share. the Xbox one is also in that paradigm, and I expect sales this Christmas to be robust. The phone market is a problem, and mostly a problem with the fact they use ARM processors. Microsoft has a very confusing implementation of their "universal apps"--they aren't universal at all. They must be compiled for each hardware platform. Microsoft used to have a universal app system in .NET, but they ditched it* for this strange RT strategy which is supposed to be universal, but isn't. If Nadella really wants this to be a "universal app" paradigm, where everything runs on anything else, they need to do 2 things on the phone platform: 1. Either bring back something like .NET to mobile or make sure their phones run the new low power Intel processors (the later option is easier and preferable in many ways). 2. Find a way to be able to automatically run desktop compiled apps so that they can run in a metro environment (that may already be happening, I'm not sure.. I'll know more when I get my Windows tablet). I think they are probably already planning on implementing something similar for the future.

When everything really becomes "universal", they can really capitalize on that by selling the same experience across every platform you use and own. Ballmer's idea may seem good at first, but it really holds no consumer appeal in the long run. The history of OS/2 and Blackberry running Android proves it. The idea that you can run the same thing on your Xbox, Surface, PC, and Phone is something you can really sell and get customers to buy. Capitulating to Google doesn't do very much other than admit defeat.

*Yes, I know that .NET still exists and is robust on the desktop business environment, but Microsoft ditched it for mobile a few years ago for RT... which they also ditched recently at least on the tablet side.

Comment Re:Beautiful (Score 2) 53

A year is a little extreme. The pebble watched get a week, and if you turn it off at night, you can go longer than that. I seem charge mine so infrequently, I'm not sure how long I go between charges, but it's more than 7 days that's for sure (I turn it off at night to save power).

The new models have color and a microphone if you are interested, and I believe it has at least partial android wear software compatibility.

The black and white screen models are dirt cheap now if you want to give it a try...

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