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Comment Re:Polar Opposites (Score 1) 114

I have to disagree with this notion that games must result in a story where the protagonist makes 'perfect' choices.

Innumerable RPGs are based around the 'twist' at the midway point where someone you have placed your trust in turns on you. Or where the recovery of the Magical Widget / Discovery of the Treasure is found to be a cover for an evil plot. Then you spend the second half of the game fixing the wrong you've done.

In the initial round of story-free first person shooters (such as Doom), it was a case of doing everything well to win, but look at any action movie. How often does the hero get killed? The hero survives against impossible odds, every time, to win the day. Though they may get badly wounded or low on ammo, they come through and save the day. Just like the player does in Doom.

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