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Comment: Re:Not their fault (Score 1) 259

by longk (#46851879) Attached to: Hulu Blocks VPN Users

Nice story, but offering Hulu to people doesn't mean the industry has to lose money. All Hulu has to do is verify people's real address and serve them relevant ads. If someone uses a VPN, charge them 50 cents so their credit card issuer reveals their country of residence. Hell, charge them a Netflix-like amount of $7.99. Keep in mind that all these VPN'ers are already shelling out cash to their VPN, VPS or DNS service. Money is NOT the issue here.

Comment: Ironic (Score 1) 1746

by longk (#46655385) Attached to: Brendan Eich Steps Down As Mozilla CEO

Marriage itself is designed to make non-married people second class citizens. Wanting to get married, getting married or supporting the concept of marriage is working to actively take away rights from people who do not wish to live their life married. Just look at how many laws and regulations are designed to favour married couples. It's ridiculous.

Comment: hypocrites (Score 1) 1746

by longk (#46655337) Attached to: Brendan Eich Steps Down As Mozilla CEO

The people at Mozilla are hypocrites. For years they've been working for this guy. He was a fucking co-founder of Mozilla, then Lead Technologist, then CTO! He has always been one of their primary leaders. Where was the outcry all this time? Why did these people even join the Mozilla that he co-founded? Apparently it's fine to have an anti-gay boss as long as the world doesn't see him. All they care about is their own image.

Comment: Easy to answer (Score 2) 46

by longk (#46314009) Attached to: Why Is Dropbox Back On the Chinese Market?

This question is very easy to answer if you know why dropbox was blocked in the first place.

Get this:
* I was living in China, happily using Dropbox.
* Suddenly Dropbox tells me it can't connect.
* Did some digging with tcpdump, traceroute, etc. You know. Nerd stuff.
* Turns out that our of Drop boxes entire IP range, only 1 IP was blocked.
* This IP happened to be the login or authentication server that the client occasionally connects to.
* As it happens, the SAME IP was used for Dropbox website.
* It seemed likely to me that the website was the target of the block, not the login server for the client.
* So I check the Dropbox forum on its website (using VPN) and what do I see there: SONG TEXTS OF TIBETAN NATIONALISTS

Yes, so Dropbox was blocked because some nitwit decided it was a good place to post some pro-tibet/anti-china texts. How do you get unblocked in China? Remove the offending text and change your IP address (or wait a really long time.)

Comment: Re:Devaluating .COMs favors Google (Score 1) 132

by longk (#44723265) Attached to: Dotless Domain Names Prohibited, ICANN Tells Google

I wonder if that's true.

For websites I don't know I always use search already. That's simply how that works.

For websites I do know I simply starting: s, l, a, s, h until my browser fetched from my browser history at which point I hit Enter.

Whether the website ends it .com, .org or .vague doesn't matter for my usage pattern. Am I that special?

Comment: Re:Finally (Score 1) 168

by longk (#44695185) Attached to: Death of the Car Salesman? BMW Makes AI App To Sell Electric Cars

Yeah, that's not what I want though. I just want to order the car online and have it delivered, just like any other packages. Typically I'll already know what the car drives like from driving rentals, trying friends' cars, etc. Maybe for a first-time car owner the dealer experience and walk-through can be beneficial, but for an experienced car owner it's really just a waste of time.

Comment: Finally (Score 1) 168

by longk (#44694971) Attached to: Death of the Car Salesman? BMW Makes AI App To Sell Electric Cars

I've always been annoyed that I can't just buy a car online (or house for that matter) - glad to see that change!

I also believe it will allow for better feedback to the manufacturer. People will ask for and select the features they like, not the ones the salesman convinced them to sign for because it helps his commission or allows him to sell a model from his inventory.

Comment: Re:One more reason that such systems make no sense (Score 4, Interesting) 308

by longk (#44683863) Attached to: 100% Failure Rate On University of Liberia's Admission Exam

There's different ways to deal with that. The university I studied at allowed anyone to enter the first year. You could however only proceed to the second year if you completed the first year with a minimum score.

IMHO this is more fair than an entrance exam because you get judged on your ability to keep up with the particular program, not on how shitty your previous school/program was.

Comment: Misunderstanding PRISM (Score 1) 251

by longk (#44662227) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: How To Diagnose Traffic Throttling and Work Around It?

You're misunderstanding what PRISM supposedly does. (And you're not the only one.) PRISM does not cause any delays whatsoever - it's not a man-in-the-middle attack. It's simply a copy of all traffic on a fiber. Also an old fashioned "tap" on your Internet connection (usually port mirror at the ISP or Internet exchange) does not cause any delays.

Switch to a different VPS provider.

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