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Comment Re:Greed rules in Corporate America (Score 1) 118

Umm wtf? There are a half dozen documentaries that include interviews with the designer of thin thread and former managers who put it into operation. The problem was not that they shut down ThinThread. The problem was that they removed the safeguards that were designed into it to prevent dragnet collection of domestic data and then put it in the field. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/... That is what Tom Drake raised alarms about. He said check out this ThinThread thing we should use it. He was told no and then cut out of the loop. Then he found out they removed the safeguards and deployed it. He went to his boss, and the intelligence committee and then they ruined his life. Instead of doing the "right thing" he should have pulled a Snowden and be living large in Russia.

Comment Re:Phase out fossil-fueled power plants by midcent (Score 1) 308

The opposite statement is equally bad. eg. "Ever notice that politicians can never accomplish long range goals because they only focus on short term results that will win votes"

I think politicians setting long range goals is a very good idea.

See? In fact you could say that this gentlemen is being very virtuous. He is proposing a plan that he probably won't be around to take credit for if it works.

Comment Re:A useful link for all of ya ... (Score 1) 1097

Agreed the only barely useful "draw Muhammad" "protest" would include a draw jesus being buggered by John the baptist, Or the pope on his knees blowing Hitler, or Siddhartha eating a jumbo hotdog with the works at a monster truck rally. You know spread the whole lighten message around a little.

Comment Re:truly an inspiration. (Score 1) 494

WTF is wrong with America? How did you get so broken? Your so worried that you might be judged for being soft on Muslims that you feel compelled to state that you wouldn't care if they were all slain? The USA is around the bend full on crazy nut bar broken. For your own sake and the rest of the civilized world, get therapy.

Comment Re:Probably sold out to CIA a long ago (Score 1) 184

Neat story, but I wonder if it was simply a case of your mind recovery from ad blindness. Perhaps those ads were there all along and you just didn't see them until yours broke and you had keyboards on the mind.

Sort of like when you learn a new word and then hear it 4 times that day.

Comment Re:That was quick ... (Score 2) 103

Quick and productive. Like how quickly and productively they passed policy forbidding government scientists from speaking to any press lest "facts" that disagree with government ideology leak out. Or how quickly and productively they shut down the environmental round table. The Environmental Round Table was specifically set up to provide spin free info to parliamentarians so at least they could have the facts. When asked why they de-funded it, they said flat out " We de-funded it because it continued to put out reports that disagreed with government policy".

Ideology 1, Evidence 0
Game set and match

Comment Re:Interesting (Score 1) 115

Leaving out for a minute that all western nations are socialist to varying degrees. We all collectivize portions of our societies. In most western nations primary and secondary education is free, post secondary is private in most, but free or near free in others. (France has some free university, Cuba all university is free) Ditto for health care and a variety of other sectors. In Cuba you can buy a house privately if you want to, but they have what you might call a subsidized housing program on steroids. Not different in kind from the social housing we have in Canada, just a larger program so that everyone has a home. In Cuba (and China) you vote for your representatives. Each district has candidates but their ability to advertise is limited (no money in politics). Its just that all candidates are from the same party. Not saying that their system is perfect at all, just that all western nations are on a spectrum and Cuba is not so far down that spectrum as many would think.

Comment Re:Not seeing the issue here (Score 1) 209

It is not illegal for me to lie either is it? Its only the reason I lie that can make it illegal. I tell my wife I was at the dentist when I was really in the pub, not illegal. Sell someone a diamond ring when i know for a fact that it is not really a diamond, illegal. Lie to catch a crook? Not illegal

Comment artificial? (Score 1) 391

I think maybe these philosophers have not done enough LSD. What does artificial really mean in this context? Are clams artificial because enzymes make their shells from minerals found in the environment? A collection of "Lower" intelligent entities making larger more complex creatures with "higher" intelligence has been going on since the slime molds right? Here on earth robots will just be the enzymes within the larger connected organism of our planet. Differentiating between mostly carbon, and mostly...polymer, steel, copper, etc makes little sense.

Life on earth has been about one part of the earth turning other parts of the earth into more of itself. This boundary of Natural vs. Artificial sounds like something people are supposed to get over by at least grade 9 isn't it?

Comment Re:Why virtual currencies are ineffective (Score 1) 144

Correct. As described its a "pump and dump" scam. BitCoin behaves a lot like baseball cards. Or maybe scans of baseball cards to make them digital and make them easy to trade online. The trust chain protocols are neat, but they don't make it a currency. It will be interesting to see what happens when all coins have been mined. In our fiat currency system the money supply is manipulated by the central banks to keep prices stable. We increase the money supply in step with the increases in the size of the economy. If the size of the money supply remained static while the economy grew by 5% a year. Then the value of money of each unit of money would grow by 5% a year. Or to put it another way prices would fall by 5% (deflation). We actually aim to increase the money supply ahead of the growth of the economy by exactly 2% when we can. This bit of inflation helps introduce flexibility into wages. So what happens when the size of the bitcoin money supply is static? If the number of people accepting bitcoins increases than prices would have to continually fall. Its fine to say that a bitcoin is infinitely divisible so something can cost 1bt then 0.5bt then 0.0000005bt. If I advertised my billable rate as 10bt/hour then every hour that went by my rate would be more and more expensive for people. I would have to write some algo that constantly monitored the growth in the size of the bitcoin economy and adjust my rate downward in lock-step. That is kinda crazy. The way it is now, I post my rate and leave it to the central bank to monitor and adjust the money supply so that my rate can remain constant. Also, in a growing bitcoin economy a bitcoin saved, even at 0 percent interest would appreciate in value. The faster the economy grows the more incentive I have to sit on my money (not necessarily a problem since we do the same thing now slowing growth by raising interest rates.) Well anyway, none of these crypto currencies have me worried about the imminent demise of fiat currency and central banks. They just seem like baseball cards and toys for scammers.

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