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Comment: Re:What's the point (Score 1) 341

by lonecrow (#47416545) Attached to: Here Comes the Panopticon: Insurance Companies
The supposed crisis that your talking about have lots of causes. Aging populations, and unrealistic expectations.

And also lots of well funded propaganda by for profit private health care providers. They try to fan flames of discontent to produce a ground swell of support against public health care. They should pack up their suitcases and go back to America.

Comment: What a stupid question (Score 1) 132

by lonecrow (#47395137) Attached to: Google Reader: One Year Later
RSS is so much bigger then one stupid feed aggregator. To strat with there has to be dozens and dozens of aggregators. Secondly I am a huge user of RSS and I have never used a feed aggregator. Almost every website I make pulls in some content via RSS and/or makes its content available via RSS. My podcatcher uses RSS and I subscribe to feeds manually that I know already know about. I reject with prejudice the very idea that one aggregator going away would have any impact at all on RSS usage.

Comment: Re:Confusion? Really? (Score 1) 207

by lonecrow (#47255261) Attached to: Ikea Sends IkeaHackers Blog a C&D Order
Hmm well to my knowledge the IKEA name and logo is owned by a family trust registered as a not-for-profit in the Netherlands. this "non-profit" licenses the name and logo to the chain of stores and thereby shifting profits from the stores in the country they operate in to the low tax rate of the not-for-profit. Family members are paid a generous amount for serving on the board of this not-for-profit.

So screw them for gaming the system and for clogging our landfills with glued cardboard crap.

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by lonecrow (#47109975) Attached to: Why You Shouldn't Use Spreadsheets For Important Work
Spreadsheets are just a part of the Darwinism of applications. Some sharp fellow within an organization things its important to start tracking some data point or another. Maybe it gets ignored and forgotten. Other times it grows as other people see its utility and start making requests to track related data points. Eventually you get a multi-worksheet or even multi-workbook spreadsheet masquerading as an application. At some point it becomes far to hard to maintain or understand so they contract out someone like me who moves it to a relational database with a web front end. Everyone is happy!

This work forms a major part of my work load don't fuck with it!

Also, it is appropriate. It would be inefficient to develop a proper relational database application on the whim that some set of data points might be useful. Spreadsheets are a proving ground, and important stage in the life cycle of an application.

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by lonecrow (#47089951) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Tech Customers Forced Into Supporting Each Other?
Firstly, if a question is being repetitively asked then it is a design flaw. Move the button or make the process easier to understand, ask for feedback from the people posting the question. Second, when the wrong answer to a question can create expensive problems for me, maybe I would rather get the answer from someone who is SUPPOSED to have the right answer rather then someone who might just be talking out of their ass. Third, nothing makes me more satisfied with a product then getting great support when I need it. I recently purchased a small consumer NAS and was having trouble with installation. Considering the failures I had with my previous NAS I was about ready to return it assuming that it was yet another hunk of junk. Instead I called the tech support number. To my utter amazement with almost no waiting I talked to a human on the same continent as me who resolved my problem immediately by pointing out a step I missed in the installation process. It was a stupid error on my part and nothing was wrong with their instructions or their product. So from now on I will recommend "Buffalo" brand NAS products to anyone that asks (they are fast as well btw). Support can be the most valuable part of your sales team. Sales people spend a lot of money to get in front of a customer and to educate them about their product. Support calls are your opportunity to learn how to make your products better and to win customers for life. B-School classes really should teach the importance of support departments as a sales and branding resource.

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by lonecrow (#47001493) Attached to: Why Mobile Wallets Are Doomed
"Rapid Price Changes are part of a infantile system" What? Why? Sounds like something people tell themselves in the absence of evidence. BitCoins are a commodity.
The supply is fixed or grows at a predictably rate.
All price fluctuations are due to speculations and hype.
The only value they have is what some fool is willing to pay you for them.
I can't believe that it has gone on this long.

Currencies are backed by the government and they HAVE to accept it for payment of taxes. Gold has other commercial uses and value. What do bitcoins have? They have fashion, greed,and hope. The ENTIRE reason we have central banks with fiat currency is for price stability. Your trying to tell me that somehow magically bitcoins will achieve price stability? More likely the moment that they lose volatility is the moment the cease having any value at all.

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Only $1 million policy? Was that a long time ago? Maybe it is because I am in Canada but around here a normal household car will carry $2 million and if your driving other peoples kids as part of a volunteer thing like School field trips then $5 million is required.

$1 million for a limo company sounds pitifully low especially for litigious USA.

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by lonecrow (#46841625) Attached to: 'The Door Problem' of Game Design
Agreed. Also how is this different from programming a business app? Actually a business app is way harder. A game need only be internally consistent. But a business app needs to be consistent wit existing company procedures and vocabularies as well as comply with various regulations. By comparison real world apps are way harder then game apps. I have written both and real world business apps are way more 'hard'.

Comment: Re:Freedom of Speech? (Score 1) 328

by lonecrow (#46670287) Attached to: Federal Bill Would Criminalize Revenge Porn Websites
I agree. Most probably agree that in the case of revenge porn there should be an easy to exercise control over images taken of you in the privacy of your own home.

That is a completely different discussion then the common carrier type protections that currently exist for web site operators. Wasn't it the good part of the DCMA?

I assume the reason for why they want to go after website operators is because it is easy for an anonymous uploader to hide while the website operator is highly visible.

Perhaps the solution to that is simply to be able to prove to the website operator that you are in fact the person in the photo and demand its removal. If it was uploaded anonymously who is to claim otherwise?

Most of the time I am in favour of using existing laws, but perhaps this is a case where a new explicit right protected by law could be introduced. You own all rights to anonymous naked images of yourself and no website operator can claim ownership based on anonymous uploads. (how can an anonymous person grant anyone anything?). If the image was not uploaded anonymously, the subject of the photo can seek remedy through the courts leaving the website operator out of it.

Not claiming this is perfect, just spit-balling ideas :)

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by lonecrow (#46670111) Attached to: Illustrating the Socioeconomic Divide With iOS and Android
No kidding. Anyone who has used Android for any length of time and then has to help their mom with their iPhone know just how crappy the UI on the iPhone is. Everytime I use an iPhone I feel like the developers are playing some kind of cruel joke on me.

Does anyone else have that feeling? I just don't get why people think iPhones are better on any metric at all.

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