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by lonecrow (#48152663) Attached to: Wind Power Is Cheaper Than Coal, Leaked Report Shows
We just need ultraviolet only grid designs on the first 3 or 4 floors of glassy reflective buildings. People wouldn't notice any difference and birds would stop flying into them. The question is can something similar be done to get birds to avoid windmills. With the answer you might get a yummy patent as a reward.

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by lonecrow (#47918845) Attached to: Extent of Antarctic Sea Ice Reaches Record Levels
However, You have to read the fine print of the cap and trade program. In Canada our version of the republican party tried to peddle a cap and trade program that included something called "intensity targets". The idea was that the "Cap" was not an absolute cap on an industry segment but a cap on "per unit" emissions. So you could reduce you emissions per unit by 20% but double your output leading to a ~180% increase in absolute emissions. It was smoke and mirrors. So read carefully if it is proposed in your jurisdiction.

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by lonecrow (#47918763) Attached to: Extent of Antarctic Sea Ice Reaches Record Levels

But it increased — a lot — instead of shrinking

Did you read the part of the summary that says " two dimensional area". The volume of ice is not increasing, not even a little. Below is a link with a pretty thorough explanation with lots of citations pertaining to how the data is gathered and measured. The last line clearly states "Antarctica is losing land ice as a whole, and these losses are accelerating quickly."

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Can you clarify that? Because from my understanding some predictions have been off on one side or the other. Some changes have been faster or more dramtic then expected, while others have been a bit slower or less dramatic but still heading in the same general direction. In fact hasn't the underlying trend has been confirmed over and over by observation? So if a prediction was for all sea ice to be gone but only half is, what would that be proof of to you?

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The article states "two dimensional area". A couple of years ago satilite images showed more ice coverage then expected. What they found was that instead of the meters thick ice they found chucks of ice that had melted and then refroze, it was thin and brittle with notice loss of over volume of ice.

The same decline can be seen in northern lakes

Are you trying to suggest that the earths ice sheets are NOT diminishing?

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Renewables alone are going to be insufficient for the world's energy needs

And it will ALWAYS be this way right? Because technological improvements and scale never NEVER done anything to increase efficiency and reduce costs.

When I look at what we are able to accomplish. Things like landing a drone on a comet, or level whole mountains, or the internet, I am reminded that we can do almost anything we put our mind to. Sadly political will seem more difficult to overcome then the laws of nature.

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He won't gobble all of the Ukraine. Probably just the eastern half. The country probably should have dealt with their cultural divide and voted for this split a long time ago and avoided all this mess.

Samuel P. Huntington called this twenty years ago in his book Clash of Civilisations

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If your talking about Canada I have to clarify your statement. Healthcare is not paid for by taxes. We have "public health insurance". So we all buy insurance from the single state insurance company spreading the risk as wide as possible and taking profit out of health insurance. Rates are discounted for low income people. As low as free or $20/month in some cases. Average lower middle class probably pay about $250/month for family of four. Federal tax dollars are set to each province based on population and are used to administer the health insurance program and help with the subsidies to ensure that no body is denied access to insurance due to financial hardship. is "PUBLIC HEALTH INSURANCE" not public health care providers.

All doctors are private business owners who bill the public insurance company. That is basic health insurance only. Many companies provide their workers extended insurance to cover things not included in the basic government insurance. Extended health insurance is an open market of private companies.

The government insurance company has an interest in keeping costs down which they do through public information campaigns to promote preventative measures such as early screening, active lifestyles etc.

It is a great system and I was really sad that the US didn't explore this option. There were just to much lies and propaganda in the US about "Guberment doctors". I live in Canada and have never seen a "gubberment doctor" in my life.

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Parasitic scumbug businesses are nothing new. They number of them just happened to explode after after Reagan and "Greed is good".

The narrow mandate of increasing shareholder value is just too damn narrow and has been baked into the culture. Just change the rules and the culture will change.

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For the sake of arguement. What about bars that pat people down to ensure they dont bring weapons in. Is that constitutional? I can hear you say that those are private businesses ao its different. But airlines are private businesses. What if they made the rules and hired the security to do the screening. That would be constitutiinally fine right?

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Liberty vs Public good is in tension. Finding the sweet spot in the middle is the goal isn't it.

America like to deride Europe for leaning too much towards public good, but I am not so sure that the American model is working so well.

The areas that the USA leans more towards liberty sometimes often seems to promote poverty, violence and human suffering. As I am sure you know, America leads in many undesirable stats such as child mortality, violent crimes, inequality, etc.

I think a little more acceptance of the principals of harm reduction could go a long way and leave fewer people feeling like they have no choice. (As an aside you guys should have gone for public health insurance. I know the propaganda talks about "Guberment doctors" and death panels. But its malarkey. Its public "insurance" and private doctors. At least that's what we have in Canada)

TSA Screenings seem like an awfully petty thing to be concerned about considering the much larger glitches in the US culture. Its sort of like the commenter farther below who put Road Side DUI checks on par with mass unwarranted surveillance of phone and email.

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