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Comment Re:Sweet (Score 1) 126

You might want to read the entire article summary (no need to even RTFA). Here, I'll help you by even highlighting the relevant part:

Google released over-the-air firmware updates for its Nexus devices Monday and will publish the patches to the Android Open Source Project (AOSP) repository by Wednesday

Comment Re:what (Score 1) 294

Granted I only did a quick reading but if the 'address randomization' is based on the unique MAC address of the device than its not really 'random' now is it?

The wording in the document can be confusing. When talking about the MAC-derived addresses, they are referring to the class of interfaces that needs the randomisation. The generated address is random.

And arguably the only benefit is in not being able to physically track where a specific device goes but why do I need 'address randomization' than, why not just 'random DHCP'?

You could. But one of the core ideas of IPv6 is that you don't need DHCP. The hosts decide on their own IP addresses. Originally using the MAC address to guarantee uniqueness, and subsequently using the above-quoted privacy extension to make sure the hosts can't (easily) be tracked.

Then again, if you really want, you can run DHCP as you said. It's just something you don't normally need.

Comment Re:what (Score 1) 294

The problem stems from the fact that when you go full on IPV6 and allow an internal host to transit your firewall outbound, you have exposed more than just the router's IP, but internal network information too

This isn't true though, since address randomisation arguably makes you expose less information since individual hosts will change their IP address at some random interval. This will make it pretty hard to figure out if the packet you received an hour ago was from the same host as the one just now.

Comment Swedish citizen here (Score 1) 440

I'm Swedish but I have lived abroad for the last 10 years or so. When I recently visited Stockholm I realised just how much of a change it has been. If you dare to use cash, people look at you strangely and sometimes you get a sigh from the staff since they have to open the cash register and start to mess with bills and coins.

This is all good for locals for whom you can simply insert the card and type your PIN, but for someone like who has a foreign credit card, and therefore can't use the PIN code, I need to sign the receipt every. single. time.

This, combined with the fact that I'm Swedish but don't have a Swedish identity card with a social security number on it (my old one expired years ago) makes any purchase in Sweden a huge hassle for me.

I was happy to come back to my new home where I can use cash without feeling embarrassed.

Comment Re:Marketing (Score 1) 159

The point is that PHP has completely lost it's position as the default language for web development. It had that status and has now lost it. People think of PHP as 'legacy' now.

And this is bad exactly why?

Comment Re: Marketing (Score 1) 159

People who are both good developers and value freedom aren't using PHP.

That is, of course, aside from the fact that the "freedom" offered by PHP is similar to the freedom you have to wear a ski mask in a bank.

Comment PVS-Studio slashvertisement (Score 1) 153

It's the monthly PVS-Studio slashvertisement. In this case, only the last words of the summary (within parentheses at that) suggested what this was about, and it took until a couple of paragraphs into TFA until it was mention, but sure enough, it was your regular post showing PVS-Studio output from a random open source software project.

Seriously, this is getting old.

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