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Comment PVS-Studio slashvertisement (Score 1) 153

It's the monthly PVS-Studio slashvertisement. In this case, only the last words of the summary (within parentheses at that) suggested what this was about, and it took until a couple of paragraphs into TFA until it was mention, but sure enough, it was your regular post showing PVS-Studio output from a random open source software project.

Seriously, this is getting old.

Comment Re:Comcast Business (Score 1) 435

I changed ISP for my fibre connection just because the IPv6 support provided by my old one (Singtel) was horrible. They gave me a single /64, encapsulated using 6rd. I then switched to a different ISP (Viewqwest) which gives me a proper static /48.

I made sure to tell Singtel exactly why I switched. Not that I think that'll change anything, but it did feel good to let them know they lost a customer because of their poor IPv6 support.

Comment Re:10 Mbps (Score 1) 280

I have 500, so no need to do shaping. My Steam downloads usually sits a bit over 200 Mb/s. Even if I do that and download other things on other devices I can't really notice any impact anywhere else.

My ISP does offer 2 Gb/s (the fibre modem has two 1 Gb/s connections) but that's starting to get ridiculous. A mentioned above, at those speeds the problem are usually with other parts of chain, like your local hardware's ability to actually process the data at that rate.

One thing that illustrates this is that after I upgraded to 500, I realised that my existing router wasn't actually able to handle more than about 250 Mb/s, so I went and bought a more professional router and all of a sudden I could saturate the link.

Comment Re:10 Mbps (Score 1) 280

When I download a game for my PS4 I get over 100 Mb/s just for that (I'd like it to be faster but since it never seems to happen I'm guessing that the problem isn't on my side). Also, I have a family of heavy Internet users lots of Youtube and online games, also Steam downloads tend to be a lot faster), and whatever they do should not affect me, nor should my usage affect them. Finally, sorry for the bad writing in the above text. Using Slashdot on mobile is so bad that I'd rather spend my time writing this paragraph of explanation than to actually try edit the text above.

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