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Comment The problem is not a wifi policy (Score 1) 129 129

The problem was the employees wanting to put their personal devices on the corporate network to surf the web. The corporate wireless network is there strictly for corporate issued machines (laptops and the occasional blackberry), not for Joe Blow's laptop, iPhone, or Galaxy. Employees were unwilling to accept that there's no good reason for their personal crap being attached to the network.

I didn't design the network, I was part of a team brought in specifically to secure it where prior to us there wasn't much of a security presence. The network was like the wild west. Before I left I did manage to deploy wireless security at one site with an eye on rolling it out everywhere with corporate being next.

Comment This is a much bigger problem than you might think (Score 3, Informative) 129 129

I worked NetSec for a global casino/resort company. At nearly every site a few times a month I would send local IT to go find wifi routers plugged into our network. Employees would bring in cheap routers because we didn't allow wifi other than the guest network which was strictly for corporate visitors (ie. sales reps, etc) and they wanted to use their personal devices for whatever. This happened even at corporate, where I sat.

Comment XFree86 is a pain to get working under VirtualBox (Score 1) 176 176

I managed to get 320x240 working on a Red Hat 6.2 VM I tried to stand up for nostalgia. Tried a variety of drivers and kept screwing around with the config but ended up just giving up. I cobbled together a P3 from parts I had laying around and installing it there.

Comment do yo u really think senior mgmt will read a book? (Score 2) 181 181

what land is this you live in?

No, seriously upper management has ALWAYS been the bane of anything IT related. Every boneheaded request, every response of "well, why can't I do that?" or "... it would just be easier for me that way..." always comes from senior management and no matter how many times you tell them why it has to be done a certain way, they just don't get it.

Comment You have no idea... (Score 1) 151 151

I caught a VP of one of my former employers surfing tumblr for pics of women that flash their tits in public and ONLY that. He was very consistent when looking for these pics. I got wind of it when I was given access to our Solera Deep See box right after being brought in. I monitored his activity for a week then checked his past activity and, sure enough, big tits flashed in public. Used a tool to capture his IE history: Big tits flashed in public.

I've seen execs that liked to search for wierd stuff, and they're all usually very specific on what they surf for.

Comment This might be the source of "Roving Bug" tech (Score 1) 352 352

Many of you have probably forgotten about this incident that drew attention to the FBI's ability to turn on a phone's features even while it's off. I would assume that the two (baseband processor and "roving bug") are connected.

Comment How does it compare to existing SmartWatches? (Score 1) 236 236

I mean, Samsung is hardly the first company to release this sort of thing. Devices like the Z1 android watch have been around for some time from China for quite some time now and there's a glut of GSM based watch phones coming from there as well.

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