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User Journal

logical_failure's Journal: damn_registrars steps in it again... 7

Journal by logical_failure

Once again damn_registrars starts following me around with the same tired act claiming that this account is one of his sock puppets. To teach him the error of his ways, I posted a reply, that Stevie will read, and will likely do something about.

Enjoy your fun with the paranoid, psychotic pretend homeless guy. He should be even more fun for you then when I got APK to troll your dumb ass. Me? I'm going to go get some popcorn and watch this. This should be as funny to me as the APK / damn_registrars sissy fight was.

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damn_registrars steps in it again...

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  • From your sig listing puppets ...

    raiigunner and red4men look like they were designed to troll [] and [] both of whom I came across posting in HiLJ's journal some years back. IIRC they both got into some fairly heated discussions with HiLJ back when he was more coherent.

    I doubt there's anything to it, but it's odd to see those names again in this environment.
    • Yes, the slashdot user who uses the nick damn_registrars is an obsessive compulsive troll, who uses AC postings and sock puppet accounts to further his means.

      This account is a sock puppet as well, though I don't really log in as red4man these days.

      I point out damn_registrars sock puppet accounts because 1. he won't admit it 2. he's an asshole to people.

      I'm a troll, I'll admit that... but my shenanigans are harmless. His shenanigans are cruel and sadistic, and shouldn't even be called shenanigans.


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