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Comment Re:Newbie question hour? (Score 4, Interesting) 247 247

mplayer can detect corrupted movie and audio files find . -name '*.mov' -exec mplayer -msglevel all=6 -speed 100.0 -framedrop -nogui -nolirc -cache 8192 -tskeepbroken -ao null -vo null {} \; | grep Warning! > $1.txt Change the *.mov as appropriate.

Comment It has nothing to do with "head start" time (Score 2, Interesting) 126 126

LibreOffice incorporated the Go-OO patchset on creation, OpenOffice still hasn't and likely won't. The Go-OO patches were all of the features (with a few exceptions) that are listed. If AOO adopted the patches, they would be nearly on parity.

Comment Re:Wait - isn't this time/place shifting? (Score 1) 250 250

The sell commercials to based on certain people in certain places watching at certain times. This breaks that model completely and makes prime time (the most expensive) available to people who don't fit who the ads were targeted to. That "Wastes" the ad buyers money.

Comment Re:His projects have disappeared (Score 4, Interesting) 50 50

From their updates page:

"The Transition:

The Whisper Systems software as our users know it will live on (and we have some surprises in store that we're excited about), but there is unfortunately a transition period where we will have to temporarily take our products and services offline. RedPhone service will be interrupted immediately, but FlashBack users have a month to pull off any backup data they would like before that service also goes offline. "

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