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Comment: Re:Good and bad. (Score 3, Insightful) 87

by lnunes (#44740901) Attached to: World-First: Woman Becomes Pregnant After Ovarian Tissue Graft

There is a Star Trek: TNG episode where LaForge gets stranded in a planet with a romulan, which says to him that should he have been born a romulan he would never be allowed to develop/grow up, due to having his genetic defect in his eyes.

The logic behind was very similar to yours. I found it cruel when I watched it, and I still do, but it's hard to deny the benefits to society.

Comment: Re:No surprise (Score 1) 396

by lnunes (#39885099) Attached to: Microsoft Using Linux To Optimize Skype Traffic

So Microsoft is not a Linux contributor but they have merely contributed code to the Linux kernel.


And enough to appear as one of the 20 biggest contributors.

Please, forget about this "oh, they MUST make Linux better on its own" mentality. As you said, Microsoft contributed to make it play nicer to their software... So what? Put yourself in their shoes: wouldn't you want your own software to be compatible?
Hell, if they contributed to fix the software controller in their espresso machines, it would still be valid.

+ - LHC/CMS Narrows Search for Higgs Particle->

Submitted by
astroengine writes "On Wednesday, the CMS Collaboration announced its first science results. But no Higgs boson has been detected, yet. Physicists have instead narrowed the search down, and with a 95 percent certainty, the Higgs does not have a mass range of between 144 and 207 GeV/c2. In this quantum search for a proverbial needle in a haystack, it helps if the haystack shrinks a little."
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