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Comment Is there really a "Cyber War" ? (Score 1) 90 90

I don't believe any of the hype I hear on the news about the "Cyber War". Is it real?

I just don't see how they can claim that power grids, and other critical infrastructure are as vulnerable as they say, especially when the fix is easy: Take them off the public Internet.

Comment Where are the extra costs to ISP's ?? (Score 1) 292 292

Am I reading something wrong. After looking into this, it seems Netflix is providing these caching appliances to ISP's for free, as well as free technical support from Netflix engineers for setup. These devices would be loaded with data during off-peak times. The only extra cost I can see is the electricity required to power these devices. I'm no networking expert, but would this also be offset by the advantage of more content being delivered locally, which would mean less bandwidth utilization on the backbone? Am I wrong here? Help me find the extra cost thatt would be carried down to the consumer.

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