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Comment: Re:It doesn't matter. (Score 1) 1105

This is utterly wrong!

You don't need to reduce your living space or reduce climate control to reduce your CO2 emissions. Just having higher standards for thermal insulation and heating/cooling of houses can reduce the energy consumption of the average crappy American house by 75% (note: almost all the buildings in the US have a very poor energy efficiency). Thicker and more efficient insulation layers in the walls/roof/floor, double glazing with good sealing for the windows, a condensing boiler (or better: a heat pump) for heating and hot water, a few thermal solar cells on the roof, and a reasonably efficient air conditioning: these things will probably add 10-15% to the total construction cost of a house, but will easily be amortized over 2 decades (just by the reduced energy consumption).

And regarding the other things like walking instead of driving, that's riduculous. Just begin by buying a car with a reasonable gas milage (hint: you don't need a 5000-lb vehicle with a 5000cc engine to go to work every day). And support an improvement of mass transit where it is sound (hint: using mass transit actually supports it).

Eating less meat, yeah, that's probably a good thing to do. But the good news is: you can eat better meat. Eat 2 filet mignon per week instead of 8 burgers.

Comment: Re:Major problem here (Score 1) 199

The AF447 crash shows exactly the opposite of what you are trying to demonstrate. The auto-pilot disconnected as soon as the Pitot tubes started giving invalid indications. The pilots had full control of the aircraft until the end, but they just did panicked and failed to realize that the airspeed data were invalid. All the other sensors indicated that they were about to stall, but they kept on pulling up to reduce airspeed, thinking they were in overspeed.

The only thing that the flight control computer could be blamed for was to stop issuing stall warnings when the angle of attack became so high (due to the pilots' crazy actions) that it thought it was erroneous.

Had the computer been in full control, AF447 would probably never have crashed.

Comment: Re:Major problem here (Score 1) 199

3) auto deaths generally - but not always - include pedistrian deaths which can inflate the number 10-15%
4) air deaths do not generally include people killed by airplanes (9/11) only the passengers

I don't think the victims of the Oklahoma City bombing were counted as road deaths, even though the bomb was in a van. On the other hand, people killed on the ground during the Concorde crash in Paris CDG were counted as victims. Some of your arguments are flawed.

Comment: Re:If he has the money and is willing to spend it. (Score 1) 431

I live and work in south Orange County, so I don't take the 405 every day, thanks God.

Shifting job hours can indeed be beneficial, but most employers won't allow it (this does not apply to Elon, though).

BTW, Westlake Village to El Segundo must have been a horrible drive to do every day. Happy for you that you don't do it anymore, really.

Comment: Re:If he has the money and is willing to spend it. (Score 5, Informative) 431

Kind of true.The section of the 405 Elon Musk drives every day is the most congested of all, though. Have a look at traffic information on Google Maps. Right now (5:05pm local time), more than half of the distance between Hawthorne and Bel Air is red or black. The estimated time for that drive is 27 min, but 55 in the current traffic. And it is the same every day of the week.

I still find the money would be better invested in expanding the rail/subway network. How many lanes can you add to a freeway before it becomes ridiculously dangerous? There are already 17 lanes on some sections of the I-5 over here...

Comment: Re:Perhaps we need a 3rd type of licence (Score 1) 131

by lloydchristmas759 (#43307409) Attached to: A German Parking Garage Parks Your Car For You

I did not step out in front of a moving car, I stepped out 100 yards from a moving car. When you are on a main street and there is a secondary street with a stop sign crossing the street you are on, do you stop to make sure that car 100 yards away from the stop sign will indeed stop?

And on what planet do you live where there are parked cars and/or trees on the whole length of pedestrian crossings? Traffic must not be very fluid.

My point is, I am tired of this category of drivers who don't give a shit about anything or anybody but themselves and make the road a dangerous place. The worse part is that they partly act like that to keep pedestrians, bicycles etc away from the streets because they are too selfish to share them with anybody else.

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