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Comment Re:Define "charges" (Score 1) 373 373

Another thing this could solve is security your not going to sit at your car for the 30 min to charge someone can walk by pop the plug out of your car and into there's for free power; can even set it up so you don't even need to swipe a card. (i'm not sure if they already do this entirly unfamiliar with the standard)

Comment simple why this happens with games (Score 1) 416 416

if you realize you get x increase in sales for spending y in motion capturing hookers. That's an easy number for a buisness major/investor to work with. However writing a good story, ai or gameplay takes thought, thought isn't as consistent on cost to outcome. Much easier to recycle the stuff you did a decade ago with shinier graphics.

Comment Re:Controlled for all factors? (Score 1) 55 55

that's a really loose approximation O.o the density is off and the friction between the particles is different. they'd get better results doing a test in one of those low gravity flights the cabins are already pressure controlled not much equipment modification to add a wind tunnel. and are they sure it's silicate sand.

Comment Re:It's a ridiculous idea (Score 1) 377 377

He didn't give them this software on a cd for fuck sake he just wanted something to pop on a stick to add thought to the gift he could've given something like pictures, yes, but who wants another copy of grammas photo album of dead people, pay software kinda takes it out of the stocking stuffer realm too. There isn't any Foss religious hoopla for these people if they can't appreciate a usb stick then they're not technical enough to even realize that's what happened. The niece and apparently a few of the adults were in that category they should have gotten candy bars (or if i was called a nerdy ass-fagot over a gift nothing) the ones who wiped the disks gave there answer to the included software that's fine, but at least liked the stick.

Comment Re:In the middle of the greatest deficit... (Score 1) 108 108

Well they're killed by drones so I'd assume that means the bodies would be in a location unrecoverable; they really could make up any number they danm well please. and i didn't know 1/20 was considered a good civilian attrition rate wtf is every other method pulling D:

Comment Re:stop calling it 'critical' (Score 1) 266 266

maybe the problem is they don't use the word critical enough then if it means it's functioning normally (i think that's what you just said means) nuclear reactor guys should start joking with news outlets and calling em up every time the reactor goes critical to mess with em :p

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