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Comment Re:Test train, no regular passengers (Score 1) 129

Ah yes, we greatly fear the Christian terrorist. As close as you can come to a Christian terrorist who attacks for religious reasons are attacks on abortion clinics. That seems like a far cry from shooting into a crowd with an AK47. If you have something more compelling I'd love to hear it.

Comment Re:Uh... no (Score 1) 393

... after all there are less than 100k H1Bs and on other hand there are 121M citizens 25 years and over with no college degree...

There are many more than 100k H1B visa holders. I looked online and found an article on how both the bad number of ~65k came to be as well as more accurate numbers:

... These issues are caused by moving almost all manufacturing offshore. ...

"Free trade", which today means move all jobs overseas while not letting us buy cheap drugs overseas and with little to no tariffs on the imports from regions with lower environmental or worker standards, is definitely the nail in the middle class coffin. Remember that only 3 candidates are against this - vote Sanders or Trump or Paul (if Paul can actually stay in and get that far). The other Republican candidates are all for free trade and the Clinton's gave us a huge middle class reduction via NAFTA and giving China MFN status.


Comment Re:You must choose.... (Score 1) 345

I only whine when the Feds do all the work, on our dime, yet we end up with a drug company getting all the profits. If the Feds decided to put a few rules on it that allowed it to make sense for US citizens like manufacture it in the US and sell it at a reasonable cost then I'm fine with it. I suspect many other citizens would be fine with that arrangement too.

Comment Re:Vote trump to kill this job killing bill (Score 1) 247

As inequality grows and the prospects for a nice middle class lifestyle get smaller people will get desperate and what formerly would have been inconceivable suddenly looks reasonable. This is not new and is a sign that things are getting seriously out of whack. I'm voting Trump or Sanders solely on the "free trade" issue. I expect that Hillary will ultimately win since the media has been clear about who they expect to get elected and has been manipulating everything in her favor once she started to seriously look like she might be in trouble. After another 8 years at the current rate of decay things will be more dire and Trump will look very reasonable by comparison to who will be the front runners then. This will continue until something changes. Best case the 1% relent a bit to save what they have. Worst case we get a dictator. But something has to give.

Comment Re:Remember Trump and Sanders (Score 2) 247

The US has had a trade deficit with the world for 35 years...

Coincidentally the middle class has been declining for roughly the same time. Also unless you are completely unaware of history you will note that workers now put in *far* more hours than they use to. Why is that? Race to the bottom. If China et al are willing to put in more time than so should we. Ultimately we can have a happier lifestyle via protectionism or we can sink to the lowest standards the planet has to offer. Regarding economists and free trade, you know full well economists have contrived scenarios where free trade makes sense but in the real world it's a race to the bottom. Free trade works between similar standards of living yes. When you have large imbalances in the standards of living then it settles to the new lower standard. Unless you are someone who has immense schadenfreude in lowering your standards of living then you should be against a race to the bottom.

Comment Remember Trump and Sanders (Score 5, Insightful) 247

Remember that only 2 people are against this: Trump and Sanders. The Clinton's gave us NAFTA and fully supported this agreement as the gold standard. The Republicans always push for "free trade". For the sake of yourselves and your children vote either Trump or Sanders. If it weren't for "free trade" we'd all be making approximately double what we are now as shown here:

or here:

Comment Re:Witness (Score 1) 245

Wrong, you turn every single person free.

When the evidence is tainted, the case gets thrown out.

I think that's throwing the baby out with the bath water. Perhaps a more reasonable approach would be to see if the conviction would stand without the fake evidence. For a sample group as large as this there are bound to be many *seriously bad* criminals that it would be a very bad idea to release. Of course, if you're willing to put your money where your mouth is how about we release these people but make you liable for crimes they commit. Kind of like co-signing. Mayhem is all fun and games until it happens in your own neighborhood ;-)

Comment Re:Or just poor (Score 3, Informative) 245

The trouble with juries is they are inherently conservative and right wing because only successful people who've never experienced any hardship can really afford to be on them.

I'm not sure where you came up with this line of reasoning. Many (most?) people who have lots of jury time available are government employees. Teachers and the like are not generally known as "inherently conservative and right wing". Certainly as a group less so than the private sector people around them.

Comment it can't be that bad (Score 0) 109

We were clearly told by the appointed future president that it was the "gold standard" of agreements. Although for show she suddenly has reservations about it I'm sure once elected it will be fully supported. When it comes to stopping the freight train of "free trade" vote Trump or Sanders.

Comment Re:Fukushima was WORTH IT (Score 4, Informative) 313

While it's true that nuclear tends to have longer consequences for mistakes, sometimes coal disasters have long lived consequences too: Citation:,_Pennsylvania

Between direct deaths (ie people who die immediately in accidents) and indirect deaths (ie people who die of cancer or pollution) I think coal has more deaths than nuclear by quite a bit. Interestingly hydroelectric dominates for direct deaths as shown here:

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