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Comment: Re: Good for greece (Score 1) 1253 1253

You can have a basic income or you can have mass illegal immigration. You can't have both. I'm always amazed at how US citizens don't get that their support of mass immigration completely undermines their desire for various "nice things". Recall that in earlier days when the US allowed mass immigration there was no safety net, thus it was no cost. It today's world mass immigration undermines all social desires because illegal immigrants are virtually always costing more than they bring in. Socialized medicine, basic incomes, good public schools - all these suffer with mass illegal immigration. Why this is not recognized as obvious is beyond me. Yet to bring up the obvious point of dividing a pie more ways means smaller slices for everyone is to be called racist. Utter lunacy.

Comment: interesting note on punishment fitting the crime (Score 1) 198 198

I've always thought that the punishment should be a combination of seriousness and how many people are affected. Then I think of the shoe bomber. Now every person getting on a plane in the US has to take off their shoes. Small amount of "damage" per person but wow did it impact a lot of people. Total passengers are ~800 million a year for the US. At 15 seconds per passenger and a life expectancy of ~80 years that is roughly 5 lifetimes wasted a year due to this guy. Since travelers continue to be impacted year after year I can only conclude that they probably couldn't torture him enough to ever break even on his damage.

Comment: only hear one side of the story (Score 3, Interesting) 256 256

I was talking about this to my girlfriend who is a dental assistant and I explained it this way. I first asked her how many male dental assistants she has worked with in her 10 years or so of working in that field. She said two, both gay. I then asked her what she would do if the media / government suddenly insisted that she hates men since there aren't any on the job and that she had better bring that up to a 50% ratio quickly. I asked her what she would do. She said that there wasn't any way, men didn't apply for the job. That made my point. I have another family member who is a speech pathologist, same issue - no men apply. Until these cases are addressed this is just another witch hunt.

Comment: Re: Act like a Democrat... (Score 3, Interesting) 371 371

In this time and age, with terrorism and an economy in the dump...

I really don't think that, in the US at least, there's a terrorism problem. We've had 2 problems in ~14 years, even less if you go farther back in history. I think to be a relevant charge terrorism would have to be more frequent. Car accidents kill around 32k people a year, so . For the couple trillion piddled away in Iraq / Afghanistan you could have given away self driving cars and saved ~450k people in addition to not having lots of vets with PTSD. So with the facts in mind, please don't list terrorism as a top 5 concern. On the economy you are correct. A real recovery, one for more than just the 1%, would be greatly appreciated.

Comment: Re:Cheap labor economics (Score 1) 45 45

In my lifetime I will get to see Asia run out of cheap labor and the great manufacturing migration to Africa will start to happen. I won't probably get to see the end of it but it will be interesting to see at least the beginning of the change. In fact, it's already begun:

Comment: it's not too late to help eradicate slavery (Score 1) 818 818

Slavery in a more modern form is still widely practiced in the form of abusing immigrants and/or children sold into slavery. If people want to do something about slavery they are free to at any time since it still exists. Worrying about 150 year old history seems weak when the offense still exists. This would be akin to the Chinese doing nothing but complaining about railroad building rather than trying to improve their lot. Move on and try and make the current world a better place rather than fretting over the distant past. Citations:

Comment: Re: Constituional Rights (Score 1) 268 268

The ACLU isn't for unlimited freedom, it's for maximizing freedom.

Unless that freedom involves anything nice like a Christmas tree or something else they have a Jihad against. Sometimes the ACLU does something I like, often they don't. To depend on them them for anything would be a mistake. The have no regard for anything historical in their Athiest Jihad, not unlike how the Taliban famously blew up the historical Buddha statues in Afghanistan as described here

Here's your maximizing freedom examples:

regarding hate crimes

regarding privacy

ACLU harassing citizens

and a multitude of second ammendment ones like this

Comment: different approach (Score 5, Insightful) 161 161

Maybe they could object by pointing out that various congress critters have a habit of being seen (and now recognized) with women other than their wives in locations other than their offices. That might strike closer to home for some of them. Just a thought.

Comment: Re:Dear EU Courts, (Score 1) 401 401

That seems like a stretch

To be fair we won't know if that's a stretch or not since the POTUS won't allow any citizens to read the trade treaties and those who can read the various treaties can't comment on them. I wouldn't rule it out at all. For example wouldn't corporations, who write these trade agreements, love to have a law against negative reviews or complaint oriented websites? That could fall under broad definitions of trade. Never take freedom for granted or figure that "they would never" when they happily would and increasingly are taking it away.

Comment: short lived hack (Score 4, Insightful) 56 56

Many, perhaps even most, of the IoT devices are battery powered. Mostly CR2032 coin cells. These have ~150mAH to 240mAH depending on how you use them. Your nodes will die off in about a day of running non-stop. This website mostly thinks in terms of embedded==(Arduino || Rasberry Pi) when in reality most of the IoT devices will be Arm Cortex M0+/M3/M4 devices that spend the vast majority of their lives in low power sleep modes drawing a microamp or two.

Comment: Re:Lawyerly bullshit .. (Score 2) 122 122

This is an interesting opinion. You seem to think that of all the ills that the US has this is the largest one. I wouldn't have it in the top 10. I can't conceive how Christianity could beat out inequality, a bought and paid for government, corruption, police impunity, a declining middle class, declining social mobility, environmental issues, government gridlock, and many other ills. I'm just curious how Christianity beats out these other problems. Not trolling - legitimately curious about the argument for how this would be even in the top 3.

Comment: Re:Surely this is not that hard... (Score 2) 182 182

Maybe I'm dense but wouldn't it be much easier to knock out the power by attacking a few plants and/or transmission lines? This whole discussion reminds me of a movie where they have taken the hard way to do things when a much simpler means exists. Not unlike how Dr. Octopus is stopped the moment the order "sniper take the shot" is given. You didn't need another super hero to fist fight him. The grid failed in 2003 due to a complete accident. If a more coordinated effort was made I'm sure that could be done again. This is especially true since there are large transmission lines running through empty desert. This is why I always argue the US doesn't have a terrorism problem. If they did actual acts of terror would be committed more than once a decade. citations:

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