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Comment This is the difference that recording makes (Score 1) 159

A phone call is not recorded, it can be ignored or forgotten. Logging the complaint means that it stays on a list and doesn't fall through the cracks. At least in theory. A fair question would have been how many water leaks and such were found before the app to see if the stats actually improved.

Comment Re:Oh good, more contention. (Score 1) 173

What you're asking for is harder than it seems. To go through walls and other obstacles you transmit at higher power. To make a super short range version you could transmit at lower power or use a higher frequency since higher frequencies (ie shorter wavelengths) don't penetrate walls and other obstacles as well. This is why your old 900MHz cordless phone worked half a block away but wifi struggles with 2 story stucco houses.

Comment Re:Oh good, more contention. (Score 3, Insightful) 173

Bandwidth is perhaps the most poorly utilized resource. There is tons of spectrum, the vast majority of it locked up for historical reasons. 2.4GHz has been so incredibly useful to humanity. We could do even more with wireless if most of the spectrum wasn't locked up. I work with some ISM and people are generally limited to 151MHz / 433MHz / 915MHz / 2.4GHz in the US with the other frequencies used for special applications and in some cases only certain companies. To make the future better you have to sometimes break from the past and frequency allocation is an excellent example of this.

Comment Re:vote trump he will kill this (Score 4, Informative) 278

You meant this as a joke but there are only three candidates who have strongly come out against this: Trump, Sanders, and Paul. Of those only Sanders and Trump are polling strongly. For the economic interests of myself and especially my children I would gladly vote for either Trump or Sanders. Or Paul if by some miracle he gets pass the primaries. Want more "free trade" - vote Clinton II or Bush III

Comment citizens start taking action (Score 1) 578

This is an interesting way to take action. Not politically correct but as political correctness is almost unlimited immigration and anyone who dares say otherwise must be a racist xenophobe. As someone with kids in school I say with complete certainty that illegal immigration, which is one step worse than Europe's bungled current immigration, definitely hurts my family. How you ask? Class size and diverted resources for one. About 20% of the school is either an anchor baby or illegal. Much higher if you go back a generation. Larger classes and funds spent teaching them basic English mean a diminished education for the legal kids.

Comment Liberals fighting liberals (Score 1) 1291

It will be interesting to watch the liberal ideal of mass immigration to the US vs the idea of a basic income. A basic income could be made to work but would open the immigration flood gates even more than they are now. The left has not fully come to grips with mass immigration being bad for existing citizens and ruling out a basic income any more than the far right has acknowledged tax cuts raise deficits unless you also cut spending. Both are obvious yet to even a casual observer yet both paradoxes persist. You can have a nice country or you can have mass immigration.

Comment Re:Both parties responsible for death of middle cl (Score 1) 102

By has worked I meant a job, as in the kind that pays wages and taxes. I hear your concern that the free market does much of this, however inequality is a greater concern than keeping a "pure" free market. Moreover the market is anything but free or else we'd be able to buy prescription drugs from Canada at 1/3 the cost. What's your plan for improving things?

Comment Re:Both parties responsible for death of middle cl (Score 1) 102

But even if we could tax at higher rates, what for? So that Bernie or Hillary or whoever can engage in even more crony capitalism?

You touch on what I consider to be one of the largest wrongs of the current way of doing things. If the rich are taxed more what is done with the tax proceeds? That's a fair question that I don't think gets enough attention. The current thinking is to give ever more to the poor such that for many people being a non-working person is advantageous over being a entry level or minimum wage worker. That's just morally wrong. Non-working people should *never* have it better than working people. My personal suggestion is to do something that would affect all productive people not just the poor and especially not the non-working. So I'd suggest taking the taxes and giving them out as a quarterly bonus to anyone who had worked that quarter with no means testing. Legal workers get a bonus, lazy people and those here illegally or working under the table don't. I don't care why you aren't working (ie don't care if you're retired, on medical leave, laid off, fired, can't find a job - really don't care). This could also be done with tariffs. I'm not naive enough to think that this situation would be allowed to last in a pure form, but one can dream.

Comment you lost me at Huffington Post (Score 3, Informative) 130

I can summarize the majority of all Huffington Post articles in just a few comments:

- It's the white person's fault

- Men in tech hate women and keep them out in a variety of ways

- Men in general are evil unless they are gay or black and get shot by a white cop

- Anything a white person has ever succeeded at is largely due to their privilege

- Black people are held back by every force conceived by University Professors who study these things

- Christian's are horrible yet Muslims are just mischaracterized

- If you don't want unlimited immigration then you must be xenophobic and racist

I probably missed a few but that's the gist of it.

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