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Comment: Re:And Bush wasn't a TRUE scotsman either. (Score 1) 841

by liposuction (#34052618) Attached to: Researchers Find a 'Liberal Gene'

People cite Enron, and I'm not sure they understand the situation with Enron. What the people at the helm of Enron did was already illegal. The employees suffered because they invested all of their 401k into Enron. That's just plain stupid, man.

The greatest steps forward for mankind happened when man was free to build and create on his own, and the largest steps back (including the largest losses of life) happened when an all-powerful government was allowed to run a muck.

Name the small government that killed 20 million people?

Name that world-changing inventions that came from all-powerful government control?

Comment: Re:New Minority Anyone? (Score 1) 841

by liposuction (#34052532) Attached to: Researchers Find a 'Liberal Gene'

So you basically prefer liberty all around.

You're a good case for the new political spectrum:

Total Government vs. No Government

"Republicans" that tell you you can't smoke this and that, and can't have sex with him or her, are closer to the Total Government side. Likewise, "Democrats" that tell you you can't own this gun or eat this or that fall near the same place.

Comment: Re:Where's the gene that makes people believe (Score 1) 841

by liposuction (#34052354) Attached to: Researchers Find a 'Liberal Gene'

Again, please cite examples of rhetorical sleight of hand. If you've seen this, I would like to see it as well. I don't watch him all that often, but if I'm missing some sneaky word-smithing, I would like to know.

I prefer clarity to agreement. I would watch less than I do now if this were true.

Comment: Re:Oh, just great (Score 1) 841

by liposuction (#34052270) Attached to: Researchers Find a 'Liberal Gene'

Again. It's obvious you don't know anything about what Jesus said (based on what people wrote about him). Everything he said and taught was about YOU the individual choosing to give, choosing to change, and choosing to serve. That was the point. Through you choosing to do these things, your heart would be changed. Nothing he did or said, based on what we know, pointed to redistribution through government or collective means.

This is what I mean by corporate. Not Corporate (Verizon, Comcast)

When someone talks about "corporate worship" do you assume that they're going to a business that's also a church?

As far as profit goes, which do you think (either) Jesus would have preferred? A guy that makes a million dollars and chooses to give 10% (or more) to good causes that help build other people up or a guy that is not allowed to make a million dollars because it's not fair?

Comment: Re:Where's the gene that makes people believe (Score 1) 841

by liposuction (#34048978) Attached to: Researchers Find a 'Liberal Gene'

So you don't turn it on particularly often, but you tune in enough to know how his program and delivery works? Glenn Beck was the first person on TV/Radio/Internet to point out that George Bush was just as much as a dirt-bag as anyone else. Also the first to point out that Republicans are intruding in your life and liberties just as much as the Democrats are. The MoreGove/LessGov continuum instead of Bush=Right/Clinton=Left. Nazi=Total Government.(Left) Sharia=TotalGovernment(Left) Communism=TotalGovernment(Left) Anarchy=NoGovernment(Right) Is this not true?

Listen, I don't like the guy more than any other commenter on TV and his delivery is annoying as hell, but his Founder's Friday series was pretty good. Everything he talked about and presented, I was able to research and prove true.

As far as speculating and leaving everyone else to fill in the possible details...

Can the Chamber of Commerce prove they didn't get foreign funding? Can Obama?

Can Jon Stewart provide evidence that he didn't rape and murder a young girl in 1989?

Comment: Re:Yay! (Score 4, Insightful) 841

by liposuction (#34048180) Attached to: Researchers Find a 'Liberal Gene'

And all the Patriot Act sunsets removed by who? OH! Right! Obama.

George Bush was no more conservative than Obama is. Stop thinking in terms of Donkeys and Elephants. Think more government and less government.

Expand your political spectrum a bit to actually include liberty. Nothing that George Bush did, with the exception of striking back at the people that attacked us on 9/11, had anything to do with liberty and less government.

Hokey religions and ancient weapons are no substitute for a good blaster at your side. - Han Solo