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+ - Attacks Targeting US Defense Contractors and Universities Tied to China->

Submitted by Trailrunner7
Trailrunner7 (1100399) writes "Researchers have identified an ongoing series of attacks, possibly emanating from China, that are targeting a number of high-profile organizations, including SCADA security companies, universities and defense contractors. The attacks are using highly customized malicious files to entice targeted users into opening them and starting the compromise.

The attack campaign is using a series of hacked servers as command-and-control points and researchers say that the tactics and tools used by the attackers indicates that they may be located in China. The first evidence of the campaign was an attack on Digitalbond, a company that provides security services for ICS systems. The attack begins with a spear phishing email sent to employees of the targeted company and containing a PDF attachment.

In addition to the attack on Digitalbond, researchers have found that the campaign also has hit users at Carnegie Mellon University, Purdue University and the University of Rhode Island. Also, the Chertoff Group, a consultancy headed by former secretary of Homeland Security Michael Chertoff, and NJVC, another defense contractor, have been targeted. Carnegie Mellon and Purdue both have high-profile computer security programs."

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Comment: Get a second IP from your ISP for him (Score 1) 346

by linuxwebadmin (#37363932) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: P2P Liability On a Shared Connection?
Most service providers I've had over the years will give you a second IP address on your connection. Put a switch behind your Cable/DSL Modem and give him his own IP. If they come looking for the offender, you might be able to say that IP was for his system.

Comment: Cisco has its own interoperability issues (Score 1) 104

by linuxwebadmin (#36686514) Attached to: IETF Mulls Working Group For IPv6 Home Networking
I've run Cisco SOHO devices such as RV042, RV082, RV016, RVS400, RVL200, and WRV210. In my experience setting up VPNs and firewalls on these devices, they often have interoperability issues between themselves. Also, I've worked with a SRW208 whose web management interface requires you to use IE to manage the device. Based upon these experiences, I'd suggest that Cisco needs to work on interoperability between their own devices before they can provide guidance to others on how to make interoperable devices for home users.

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