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Comment: Taxation part of the equation? (Score 1) 320

I honestly think it's hard to feel empathetic for more and more people when WE ourselves are doing what we can to just get by...

Sure, we have our luxuries (cell phones, cable tv, internet, car) but then again more and more of these things are becoming necessities in today's world.

Need to do some work from home? internet needed. Emergency work call? Phone needed
Car? To and from work.

But just being tax day, and I owned another 3600 in taxes, it's hard to truly "give". Sure I'll toss a dollar or two when I've been asked. I don't do it out of guilt, I do it because that's the kind of guy I am.

Now I have it in my abilities to give a lot more, but I don't. Why? I feel that when I pay so much in taxes that I know are sadly going to people sucking off the system, EBT cards in strip clubs, etc. I have no more respect for the system and feel I've given more than enough.

Give me my money back, show me you're cracking down on abuse in the system, and I'll gladly give you more directly to those in need.

Comment: Re:No online footprint? (Score 1) 1719

by linuxrunner (#42326587) Attached to: Adam Lanza Destroyed His Computer Before Rampage

Ok, last bit... I got your gmail. Starts with a V and ends with a Y and is two words.

Ok... one more search, and I think I finally found you. Your name is Chris. Have your last name too, but not posting it.

Good job though, that was hard. I'm a bit too net savvy, so please understand not too many people can do what I just did, but with enough cross referencing I could do it.

PM me if you want to know how I did it specifically and I can point you to the places you could have fixed so someone can't do what I just did.

Comment: Re:No online footprint? (Score 1) 1719

by linuxrunner (#42326339) Attached to: Adam Lanza Destroyed His Computer Before Rampage

You live in the UK, you're married, and enjoy cycling (or at least used too).

You work with computers/programming and by the looks, you're pretty good at it.

You're probably writing this from your Asus Transformer, and you also know a thing or two about astronomy.

I could keep going, but I'm bored (but I was bored and why I started this endeavor) and starting to feel like a stalker.

Good day sir!

+ - OpenROV Kickstarter goes live->

Submitted by linuxrunner
linuxrunner (225041) writes "The highly anticipated OpenROV (orinally talked about on slashdot here: is now live, and you can order your kit now. Early bird special $50 off the kit price for the first 20 kit orders.

Video of it in action here:"

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+ - A Program Learns Oriental Ink Painting->

Submitted by mikejuk
mikejuk (1801200) writes "Using reinforcement learning to make a computer paint like an oriental Sumi-e artist isn't just a matter of shouting "well done" — and yet when you look at the results that's what you want to do...
Three researchers at the Tokyo Institute of Technology have attempted to teach a computer how to do it using standard reinforcement learning. When the program used the brush to create a smooth stroke then it was rewarded. After it had learned to use the brush it was set to rendering some photos and the results look very good — one even looks like a sketch from Angry Birds but I'm sure this is a cultural thing..."

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+ - What Apple's New Podcasts App Means for Listeners & Podcasters->

Submitted by
waderoush writes "Apple unexpectedly rolled out a new Podcasts app this week that greatly simplifies podcast management on the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. While the app has not been universally welcomed, this definitely wasn't a case of 'if it ain't broke, don't fix it' — the app corrects several glaring problems with the way iOS 5's built-in Music app handles podcasts, beginning with the lack of subscription support. That's now part of the Podcasts app, along with search and management features that should please any heavy podcast consumer (and, by extension, podcast creators). This Xconomy column argues that the new app represents another step in the long-overdue devolution of the crufty, bloated iTunes framework into separate apps for separate tasks."
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Comment: Re:On Centimeters and Willful Ignorance (Score 2) 266

by linuxrunner (#40455735) Attached to: U.S. East Coast a Hotspot of Sea-Level Rise

Yep. I'm not a geologist but I don't think "floating masses" is a particularly great analogy. Gravity does have an effect on them at that point but once you hit turtles, I wouldn't bother digging any deeper.

Everest alone is growing ~ 2 inches every year. That's just there. So yeah... A geologist you are not.

Comment: Re:Here's a nickel, kid . . . (Score 1) 266

by linuxrunner (#40455705) Attached to: U.S. East Coast a Hotspot of Sea-Level Rise

The processes you describe took place over millions of years.

Maybe so, but then again, we have no idea how it changed from decade to decade do we? Where there was once a river, now there is a gorge. The water level went down. Over the course of a few decades could have gone down a few inches every year. So by your theory, we should panic the entire way over something we could do nothing about.

Seems a little dumb to me.

Ice that once covered a large area eventually receded. Ice that was actually once during MAN's time. It's slowly went away and things warmed up. Maybe they panicked too! Oh no. There goes the ice. Stop your farting! It's Bob's methane enduing mammoth chili. That bastard. ...

Comment: Continental Shft (Score 2, Insightful) 266

by linuxrunner (#40454321) Attached to: U.S. East Coast a Hotspot of Sea-Level Rise

Last I check, we're on these floating masses called "plates" and they actually move around, shift and stuff. Some get pushed under others, etc. Wouldn't that simply explain why one section might be seeing a change in sea level and not another?

Lastly, why does everyone panic when the world changes a little? We have fish fossils on mountain tops, dinosaur bones, the land mass used to be one large hunk of land. Mountains were created through plate shifts and valleys and hills formed by ice ages. So, knowing all this... Where do we come off panicking when there is the slightest change from the prior year? Do folks expect the world to sit stagnant as we know if forever and ever, and all the history of the world be damned? It will never change again?

Seems like these things are more politically motivated and looking for someone to blame rather than someone rationally just standing up and saying "Well, what did you think was going to happen? The same thing year after year? Had to change sometime..."

Comment: Stupid Images (Score 3, Insightful) 104

by linuxrunner (#39356799) Attached to: Book Review: Google+: the Missing Manual

Does it tell me how to handle the images? I upload one from my phone. Now... ALL I WANT TO DO, is right click it, and view it, so I can hot link it and post it elsewhere.

You would think that would be easy. But no... the scripting won't allow me, and I can't figure it out. So I would rather use flickr.

That and it's just a bit too confusing on what's viewable, what's private, etc. They really need to fix the images. I really think that's holding them back.

Comment: ... But what if you don't HAVE a Facebook account? (Score 1) 550

by linuxrunner (#39292405) Attached to: Why Making Facebook Private Won't Protect You

I legitimately no longer have a facebook account. I did. But deleted it well over a year ago. I hated that my friends were no longer my real friends. No need to get together and chat when everyone already knew everything.

Getting invited to events from across the country due to some idiot with just a blanket invite? Yeah, some friends they are...

Old college buddies saying: "I can't wait to catch up again!", and then never messaging me back. Making me realize why we lost touch in the first place. ...

So my question, after that rant, is... What if you don't have an account? You tell the employer that you don't have one. Of course they won't believe you as EVERYONE (/italics) has an account. Will they accuse you of lying? Is there any way for me to prove myself? Being self-employed, I really don't give a rats ass in the end, but this is going to affect someone somewhere as folks leave Facebook for Google+ or the multitude of other all-encompassing sites fighting for your attention.

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