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Comment: It's better than most people realize (Score 1) 210

by linuxrunner (#48874025) Attached to: Tracking Down How Many (Or How Few) People Actively Use Google+

I use it. Granted I'm not a daily poster, I never was on Facebook (deleted that account). I have friends and followers that will give me a + on many things. The communities are quite active actually.

If you hop on + and then do nothing, it will do nothing. If you get on and follow a few folks (think following on twitter) you'll be amazed at how much is actually posted. Join a few communities of things you enjoy, and you're page will be filled faster than you can imagine.

Some communities have hangouts / web chats. There is so much information and so much going on. Lastly, being a tighter knit community (lack of idiots and trolls) the content is better, the comments and people are better. It's currently a perfectly designed place to be for those in the know.

It's almost like we don't WANT people to know how good it actually is.

Facebook is the Walmart of the social media world. Sure everything you want is there but the quality is shit.

Comment: Re:Yahoo! is cool again? (Score 1) 400

I have honestly tried... I mean honestly tried to use yahoo again. I love flickr and use it to store photos. I also use google a lot for gmail, google+ (yes I actually do use that), google drive, docs, etc. I felt like I had too much info at google. So I set up my defaults for yahoo. Even on my iPhone.

When I try and search the results are so darn maddening.

The search results would be fine if I was 60 years old, or 6 years old. Those of us in between who grew up with bad search platforms know how to make specific searches today, know what we're looking for, and google spits out what we want, despite the fact that I want to embrace someone new, no one else comes close currently.

Comment: I don't know... Maybe... (Score 5, Interesting) 299

by linuxrunner (#48410437) Attached to: Uber Threatens To Do 'Opposition Research' On Journalists

I don't use Uber, never have, never will so I have no skin in this game. But... it may not be such a far fetched idea.

Look at what happened recently with Gruber and the Obamacare fiasco. The MIT professor Gruber was being paid (and paid handsomely) by HHS... He wrote Op Eds in newspapers which were then picked up by the Obamacare supporters as independent confirmation that it was a good thing. Here was an independent MIT professor saying this was good. No where did anything cite that he was a major player in forming it nor did they say he was being paid by the administration. It was a full blown circle jerk to fool the people.

Bring it full circle back to this article --> An article comes out against Uber and slamming the company. Well a little money and research into that "independent journalist" might just find that they're getting paid by X lobby, or Y company. Maybe their best friend is in charge of the Cabbie Union (I would imagine there is such a thing).

So go after the journalists family and children? That sounds like F.U.D. to me. But maybe check in to be sure the journalist is legit and not some shill like Gruber? Yeah... Might be time we start doing that before we all get fooled again.

#gamergate anyone?

Comment: A Friend you Unfollow? (Score 1) 54

by linuxrunner (#48349047) Attached to: New Facebook Update Lets You Choose News Feed Content

They allow you to unfollow a friend? Wouldn't that no longer be a friend? Is this for the people who don't have the sack to call out or just plain unfriend someone? As someone that doesn't use Facebook, I just don't get the folks that do anymore. I must be in a group of Facebook hipsters because my group of friends and extended group either don't have Facebook (deleted or never had) and those that have it but no longer log in and use it, and one person who uses it to just troll and post political images purposely to piss people off.

I see it still popular with women. That and girly-men.

+ - Zuckerberg: Most Of Facebook Will Be Video Within Five Years->

Submitted by jfruh
jfruh (300774) writes "Facebook recently held its first ever town-hall meeting in which Mark Zuckerberg took questions from the general public, and one of his answers might raised some eyebrows. When asked if the increasing numbers of photos being uploaded might strain the company's servers, he said the infrastructure is more than up to the task, because they're preparing for the fact that 'in five years, most of [Facebook] will be video.'"
Link to Original Source

Comment: I was one of the unfortunate (Score 1) 179

I had the unlimited plan. I was keeping it just to keep it. At the time I had two phones and ran a Blackberry through AT&T.

I never used more than 2 gigs of data but I loved the idea of having an unlimited plan. After the caps were put in place I held out hope it would change. While it never truly affected me I ended up canceling and leaving AT&T all together out of principle about a year later.

Comment: Another stupid viewpoint from slate that is (Score 1) 287

by linuxrunner (#48211563) Attached to: Will the Google Car Turn Out To Be the Apple Newton of Automobiles?

Maybe. Would cities start? Sure. But how long would it take and at what cost? We've had electric cars for a long time now, but no charging stations. The cost is too great to do it for the small few. So fuck them. Basically that's what it amounts too. And rightfully so.

Same with cities and streetlights. It's easy to say they'll change them. They may... over time. But those first self-driving cars will find themselves in horrible fucked up situations. Then what? And of course those bad situations will make it harder to sell the car. Less cars, less incentive to change things over.

And even if the city does change, the rural world won't. Rural towns don't have the money to paint some of the roads. (My town doesn't even have a single stop light actually). Our roads aren't really wide enough for two cars in some places so it takes smart driving skills to know when to move over and off the road, the roads are not painted (no yellow line, never mind a white one) dirt roads, pot holes, snow cover where you can't see the road, and mountain ranges that will even stop a satellite signal.

The point is, there are a lot of situations a self-driving car just won't work so not everyone is going to get one, which decreases the incentive to change things over and incur a large cost for the benefit of a few.

Comment: self-driving will always be an issue (Score 1) 287

by linuxrunner (#48211507) Attached to: Will the Google Car Turn Out To Be the Apple Newton of Automobiles?

Between road detours, new red lights, which red light is mine in some cities... but the biggest issues are for those of us who live off in the north.

We have add things to avoid. Deer, turkeys, and lots of pot holes. I will swerve to miss a critter, but not at the cost of my life.

As a driver I'm smart enough to avoid the slippery leaves that land on the ground in the fall. There are bridges I can't cross because my truck is too wide to do it at the same time as another oncoming car. I can glimpse the car coming through the trees so I just stop and wait.

Half our roads don't even have a double yellow line, never mind the white line. Hell, we have dirt roads. What is a car going to see then? I have areas (mountains) where even my satellite radio will go out.

Lastly winter. There are times with the new snow fall that I have no idea where the road is and have to drive in the middle of the road. Not because that's where the lines might be but staying away from the edge is safer, driving in the lane where someone else has driven is safer, etc.

Lastly, for Google to originally think they weren't going to put a steering wheel in the car just shows their stupidity. After kids put cones in the road, and paint some lines via detour and watch the cars line up down a dead end street or something like that. It won't end well.

Fools ignore complexity. Pragmatists suffer it. Some can avoid it. Geniuses remove it. -- Perlis's Programming Proverb #58, SIGPLAN Notices, Sept. 1982