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Comment: Who needs facebook? (Score 0, Redundant) 457

My wife and I have set down some simple but effective rules.
1) They get 1 hr per day to use the computer for playing World of Warcraft or other various on-line games.
2) If they have homework that requires internet research, which seems to be all they get from their teachers these days, one of us must be around.
3) They are not allowed to have any email, facebook, twitter, etc. If they want to communicate or hang out with friends and family they can use the phone or ride their bikes over to the other person's house.

They actually get out of the house and socialize with their peers and learn how to interact and communicate.

We have our moments where they try to be sneaky and create an account. We catch them and then sit down and actually talk to them and ask why they needed to do such actions in the first place, and after the conversation every time we find a solution without having to create any on-line identity for our children.

They do not even have their own cell phone/smart phone/tablet. But main reason is they don't need it, whenever they go out of house they have either my cell phone or my wife's cell phone. And I have the phones set up where all you can do is use the text messenger or phone dialer unless you enter specific override password.

Will there come a day when they must have an account? The answer is yes. We already know my son will have to setup an e-mail account next year for a few of his high school classes but that is next year. But even then we will have restrictions and will be monitoring it like we do now.

But the only reason this works for us is because we take the time and effort to raise our children.

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