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Comment: Valentine's Day Cards: Imagine the Possibilities! (Score 5, Funny) 71

by linuxmeepster (#27072423) Attached to: Company Makes Paper Out Of Wombat Poo

I'm going to make a fortune selling Valentine's Day cards made out of wombat poo paper. Imagine sending this beautiful poem:

Roses are red
Violets are blue
This card is made
Out of wombat poo

Instant success! Especially if you hand it to her and say, "this card reminded me of you".

I'll be sleeping on the couch tonight...

Comment: Line Count Not Always a Good Thing? (Score 5, Interesting) 432

by linuxmeepster (#25471193) Attached to: Linux Kernel Surpasses 10 Million Lines of Code
It's significantly easier to hide a malicious backdoor inside a huge software project than a small one. Linux has already had a near miss back in 2003, when the CVS repository was compromised. Considering how many mission-critical applications run under Linux, there's a huge financial incentive to hide a backdoor somewhere in those 10 million lines.

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