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Comment I was let loose at age 7, in a war zone! (Score 1) 784

My father, a Captain in the Air Force, was stationed at Sidi Slimane Air Base, Morocco, Africa, in 1953/1954. A Strategic Air Command base, the rules should have been much more strict, but...I rode my bicycle all over the Atlantic coast, at Media Plage, (French for White Beach). the French Algerian War was in full swing, the French Moroccan War was in the terror pre-war phase, with French Foreign Legion unitscamped in small tents, near our home. I rode for miles, gone much of the day on Saturdays, Sundays, playing with kids who were Arabs, Beduin, French. None of us spoke the languages of the others... When the two USAF MPs were 'accidently' murdered by the rebels, all the US military families were ordered to move into base housing, 30 miles away. New territoty for this 7 year old to explore, as I rode off base, right through the gates! One Saturday, I was met an hour away from home, by a Sirocco, aka, Hurricane! Cat 3 winds gusting to Cat 4, made me walk my bicycle, for about 15 miles, to arrive home very wet, but, happy! Never stopped my adventures, and did a 20 year USAF career, serving in 15 nations, and, with millions of others, caused extreme anxiety for all America's enemies. Now, I am olderthan most of you, and consider all the sissy rules as stupid paranoia, but, do have my many firearms locked and loaded, because rapid response, and calm resolve, from making a call, to taking out a perp or thug with one shot, one kill accuracy, is my forte. Not paranoid, just prepared. MOLON LABE! Now, back to fixing up computers with the install of Linux Mint, for all the kids, FreeNAS, PC BSD, and more, for all the newbies. FLOSS ONLY, since 1997!

Comment Re:Astronomy? Physics? Astro-physics? Run Linux! (Score 1) 234

Problem with OSX is the Apple/Mac corporate philosophy of owning all works, no matter the authorship. Add their expensive habits concerning what the user may see, use, but never really "own". They give the Microsoft Corporate greed a bad name. I will stick to the BSDs of which there are 39, for various platforms, and, the Linux Distros in their hundreds. Of course, all the discussed FOSS applications and telescope steering software, are GNU projects.

Comment Astronomy? Physics? Astro-physics? Run Linux! (Score 1) 234

Do ou like Astronomy? Physics? Astro-physics? Run Linux! Stellarium, Celestia, Table of eriodic elements. 12 digit calculator, plus, many programs that simply solve poly-nomial equations! I distribute Linux Mint, and highly recommend it, because, it is supported in Linux Mint 13, to Aril 2017, and in Linux Mint 17, to April 2019! Has LIVE support of some 258 folks on the chat servers (both Chat and Help are up at a simple click!). What Free, Open source OS do you recommend / install on at least 52 computers each year?

Comment Computer "assembly", daily... (Score 1) 391 meets on the first Saturday each month, for an Install Fest. So, I open and close, and have the tools, knowedge, the BSDs, or Linux Distro that is best suited for the build, purpose, user. Folks show up, with all new boxes, or with garbage found on curb... IBM Aptiva 450MHz, anyone? Troubleshoot, build, repair, and gather parts for more home built machines, to donate to children, charities, churches. I "build", over 20 per month. All for free, until I have to provide some parts. Those are at salvage cost.

Comment UN report on murder rates is erroneous... (Score 1) 4

I state that, because in all of the statistics, there are none for the crime ridden cities, versus the peaceful rural communities! At least, in America, where 500+ die annually in Detroit! Take away the top 20 murderous cities, and America drops below England, for firearms fatalities! Yes, cleaning some of my guns, just now! 1891 Mosin Nagant M91, and Argentine 1891 Mauser, along with MN 91/30, Enfield No. 4, Mk. 1., all get Venison, Hog, Squirrel, Raccoon, Possum for the table! Yummy! Gator is on the menu, but, a quota tag is $$$... Gator cooks up and is most similar to prime lean pork steak! Double Yummy! But, frog is free, and, like wild caught nutria, Bass, Catfish, Blue Crab, are delicious! This exercise of getting my own food with Rod, Gun, Knife, Nets, & hands, helps my brain with GNU/Linux & BSD computer productivity!

Comment Live streaming DVDs/BLuRay Movies? Nope... (Score 1) 490

Reason for Hollywood's reluctance: They seek to "be not modern" like Amish... Hollywood studios fight technology improvements at every turn, starting with the Sony Betamax lawsuit... technophobes? Or, just paranoid of losing absolute control of Regional distribution, to milk the most profits from their audience!

Comment Re: Redefine hunting. (Score 1) 397

Around here, there are a bunch of men who ONLY hunt wild boars with bowie knives... they jump out of trees and sever their spine. Of course, wild boars have 4 razor sharp tusks, which means the wild boars have four 5 inch long knives versus the single one of the human... Is that fair enough for you? I even make it more even... I am disabled by 9 termainal diseases, am pushing 70 years, have had a quad bypass, only have 50% infraction index, and can't run... So, I feel it is fair to bring my bolt action 1891 M91 Mosin Nagant rifle, with bayonet, and 5 rounds of ammo... Yes, I also carry my 10" blade Bowie Knife... But, I can't climb a tree, so...

Comment Re:Bans Drones not Guns. (Score 1) 397

Game trail cams are already available for $59.95 at WallyWorld... IF we do not cull the herds, the animals end up in residential neighborhoods, and a 1200 pound Moose, or 600 pound bear are NOT wsomething you want your wife to meet in the street! Or, in the yard! (I hope YOU take out the garbage!) I hunt hog, among all varmint species, the most destructive, across 39 states! Each sow can birth up to 3 litters a year! They multiply like rabbits, but, just three or four can destroy the lawns of 20 homes in one day of feeding!!! They compete with game species for resources. Wild pigs destroy forests, farms, pastures! And, they can spread disease! Don't hit a 200 pound pig with your car or truck, for, just as with deer, moose, bear, gators, the vehicle is totaled! Hunters provide over $14 BILLION each year, of income and profit to outfitters, manufacturers, guides, hotels, taxidermists, restaurants, garages, gas stations, and the travel industry! We also provide food to a HUGE number of public institutions in all 50 states, Indian Nations, and, the 12 territories! When you try to limit hunting, weaponry, resources, you are directly influencing how much it will cost YOU in higher taxation, for all the programs and services you enjoy, that are paid for by the hunting community! Just think of the taxes collected in the sales of $1,000.00 drones! Think of our searches and discoveries of new species (10 new land species in the past three years!)... If you know someone in any institution, or government agency, who dines in their cafeteria, know that some of their protein is from the wild! If you can read this, thank a teacher! Read it in English? Thank a Veteran! If you are reading this, while eating wild game sausage, thank the hunting community! FWIW, I shoot only 70 to 125 year old rifles, open sights, at up to 700 meters, with ammo that was sealed in tins during the 1940's! Hey, I am giving as much slack as I can, to the wild things, in proper conservation management!

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