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Comment Re:Backups? (Score 1) 1082

The article didn't say what the OS was. There is always the Offline Windows Password reset floppy/CD if it's a 'doze system. Saved my butt more than once ;-). Or is the filesystem encrypted too? Or being a government system, they probably went with a non-*nix, non-Windoze weird-ass proprietary system. Maybe the vender has a back-door. Obviously, they don't have admins that know what they are doing. That's why they pay them so much (government = illogic).
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Submission + - Why average users don't adopt GNU/Linux

linuxguy1454 writes: "Adrian Kingsley-Hughes of ZDNet has an editorial on "Five crucial things the Linux community doesn't understand about the average computer user." From the article, "It's pretty sad, but beyond a certain small segment of computer users, you can't give Linux away." Two of the most sacrilegious reasons: "On the whole, users aren't all that dissatisfied with Windows" and "Linux is still too geeky." So what do /.-ers have to say about this?"

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