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Comment Re:I'll post what I posted on another site (Score 2) 462

This, a 100 times. It is easy to criticize from your armchair. Much harder to provide a complete example of an alternative that incorporates all the changes you are asking for, on a mobile platform. I am not an iphone user and prefer Android devices. One of the issues for me is that Apple mobile interface uses too much precious screen space for "discoverability". The author is asking for more of them. And people like me are asking for less. Many users come to accept the fact that on a mobile platform, screen space is limited. Predictable and consistent gestures that bring up menus of possible actions are better in that environment than showing all possible actions on the screen improving "discoverability".

Comment Puhlease (Score 1) 373

You are paranoid about security and have a Facebook account? You bring shame to Paranoid schizophrenics everywhere. Please join your local chapter of technologically illiterate anonymous.

On a more serious note. I know people who are convinced that Navy seals sit in the trees outside their house. You are halfway there. Get help before it is too late.

Comment Some people are too sensitive to be part of LKML (Score 1) 928

The other day I was playing doubles tennis with some guy friends and one of them joked about something that we thought was funny, but the guy on the receiving end of that joke got angry, smashed his racquet and walked off the court. The rest of us were left puzzled. In my mind, LKML is a bit like that. Some people are too sensitive to be in that community and they probably should not be part of it.

This lady is probably a fine engineer, but perhaps too sensitive for LKML.

Comment Amtrak vs Indian Railway (Score 1) 26

I occasionally travel to Seattle from Portland, OR by train. Amtrak provide free wifi on the train. I have tried using it many many times, to do work while on the 3 hour ride. The wifi service is entirely useless and worthless. It is much much better to tether your computer to your phone and try to use that connection.

Part of the problem I think is wifi tech used by Amtrak. No 5GHz signal. The 2.4GHz signal gets saturated when more than a handful of people use it. All access points use the same frequency, etc. etc. They gave the contract to the lowest bidder or a buddy of the admin.

Google's wifi for the Indian Railway probably will be million times better than what we have here with Amtrak.

Comment Has this ever happened to you? (Score 4, Insightful) 101

There have been a couple of times when I left home without my wallet and went to the store and realized, oh crap, no wallet. But I had my phone on me. For those times, it certainly would be convenient to have the ability to pay with my phone.

Oh and another big one. Receipts. Freaking lots of them. I would much rather have all that in a neat list inside my phone that I can pull and review. Between multiple credit cards, cash and checks etc, I would not be able to figure out how much money I spent last week or last month. But with completely electronic payments, things get a lot more manageable.

This service is obviously not for the paranoid who think that Google and Feds already have too much of their information. They probably should stick to paper money.

Comment Re:Lottery (Score 1) 242

Mostly true. But there are some things that presidents can do without Congressional approval. Iran agreement is one big example. And the ACA, while it needed Congressional approval, simply would not have happened without the president deciding that it needed to happen.

But again, I do agree that presidents generally have limited powers and cannot bring about large scale changes by themselves.

Comment I like the general idea (Score 1) 120

I used to be a Sprint Wireless customer. They used to, and probably still do blacklist phones, based on ESN of the phone. The ideas was that stolen phones or phones that were not off contract could not be easily sold. The general concept is sound. And I want something like that for my expensive electronics as well.

My fully loaded Macbook Pro cost a little more than $3K. If it gets stolen, I would like to be able to get it back. I understand that police may only recover it from an idiot who bought it from a thief. That does not make the original idea invalid. The buying idiot still has to return it to me.

There still are questions about how the stolen MACs are reported, searched for etc. But I can see how a central database of stolen equipment could be used to look for it. Perhaps coffee shops and other public spots could help identify stolen equipment as well.

Those of you looking for a perfect solution that handles every case flawlessly will not like anything being proposed here. You should move on. The rest of us will be happy with something that does help with this menace.

Comment Re:paper cash-only society (Score 1) 217

> I'm pretty sure technology will drive us toward a paper cash-only society.

This story isn't about someone's bank account being depleted because of software security issues.

For every story you show me where someone lost cash electronically because of software security issue, I will show you 10 where someone lost paper cash. Either it was stolen from their house, work or they were robbed on the street.

Is paper cash more secure than electronic cash and transactions? The data certainly does not show it.

Comment Re:Of all the whining.... (Score 1) 278

Its been a very long time since I have bought a router, and I have bought several, that I could stack things on top of. Many want to stand up vertical. Others will let you lay them down flat, but do not have a flat surface on top. The few that do, heat up so much that you really should not be putting anything on top of them, if you want them to work reliably for any length of time.

At this point, they can make them circular and I could care less. If they could make them suck a little less, be a little more reliable, and make the interface a little less clunky, they would do well.

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