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Comment: Re:Not so good if you are blind (Score 1) 91

There are many different types of disabilities. Some people can't watch a moving picture, but otherwise are still perfectly functional. Having friends who have some disabilities, it is very wrong to pidgin-hole someone, because while they may be disabled in one area, they may be genious in another. Look at Stephen Hawking, for example. One of the smartest people alive, and can't move anything. Any sort of moving captca will totally eliminate him.

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So you would rather have to have paid out-of-pocket the three times in the past 15 years for whatever happened? I noticed that you didn't say what you had claims for. Hopefully it wasn't too bad, but what would you have done if you had a huge medical bill. Let's use your example of a deer running in front of your car, while you are driving on a highway at highway speeds. First, your car would be totaled. No if's, and's or but's about it. The cost to replace all the airbags by itself would cause the car to be totaled. Now, what if in spite of the airbags, you lost control of the car and impacted something pretty immovable, say, an overpass. We will assume you will survive, but have huge medical bills. Over 6 months, you could concievable incur medical bills of over $400,000, depending on the extent of injuries. Now, do you have/want to pay all that money, or have the insurance company pay that money? If you are paying $1000/year for the insurance, it would take you 400 years to recoup what the insurance company will be paying out. Plug in your own numbers. I do not like driving in states which don't require insurance. You may consider me stupid, but I'd rather share the risk with the other insured people/cars rather than risk the financial loss myself.

+ - The Surprisingly Simple Way Egyptians Moved Massive Pyramid Stones->

Submitted by jIyajbe
jIyajbe (662197) writes "Few have traveled to the pyramids of Egypt and not wondered how an ancient civilization without modern technology could have constructed structures so large they can be viewed from space. Some have theorized they were built inside out..

On the flakier side, some say aliens did it.

Perhaps the most confounding mystery of all involves how incredibly large stones made their way to the middle of the desert without massive mechanical assistance. No camel, even the Egyptian kind, is that strong.

The truth, researchers at the University of Amsterdam announced this week in a study published in the journal Physical Review Letters, may actually be quite simple. It has long been believed that Egyptians used wooden sleds to haul the stone, but until now it hasn’t been entirely understood how they overcame the problem of friction. It amounts to nothing more, scientists say, than a "clever trick."

They likely wet the sand."

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+ - Amazon Is Paying Its Employees to Quit->

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destinyland (578448) writes "Amazon's started a "Pay to Quit" program where full-time employees are offered up to $5,000 to leave the company (to ensure the remaining workforce is truly motivated). Jeff Bezos revealed the perk in a letter to shareholders, while also announcing that Amazon is welcoming tourists into its fulfillment centers in 6 different U.S. states. But one Seattle blog describes the move as "obviously an attempt to counter all the bad press that Amazon's warehouses have gotten over the past year," linking to an undercover BBC investigation and stories about Amazon's arrival in a former coal-mining town. And this week Gawker began soliciting new horror stories from Amazon employees. ("You literally must re-interview for your position...constantly. It comes up at least every three months...")"
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by linuxgurugamer (#44010451) Attached to: Red Hat Ditches MySQL, Switches To MariaDB
Well, there is more to life than web servers. In fact, databases shouldn't run on web servers if they have serious amounts of data, they should be on their own hardware. Speaking of Redhat, you need to include CentOS with Redhat, since it's essentially the free version.

Usage statistics and market share of Linux for websites

using this page, RedHat + CentOS = 35.6% of websites using various subcategories of Linux. You should also include Scientific Linux, but it's only less than 0.1%.

Drilling down,

  • CentOS has 8.3% of all websites
  • RedHat has 2.8% of all websites,
  • Debian is 10.2%
  • Ubuntu is 7.6%

So CentOS plus RedHat is11.1% vs Debian which is 10.2% And of course, this is without knowing anything about all those "unknown UNIX" sites.

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