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+ - Order a HD-DVD anti-DRM T-Shirt today!

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linnerd40 writes "Recently, the hex code used as a key in the DRM of most if not all HD-DVDs to date has been found by the technological community. In light of this, websites across the web have been posting, copying, and showing off this sequence of characters in base 16. Many of them are receiving DMCA notices, forcing them to take down the "offending content". Show your suport for DRM-free and restriction-free content by buying a T-Shirt showing off the hex sequence, as well as a short snippet on anti-DRM (open for suggestions). The design has not yet been finalized, but will be white text on black. The font will be Courier or Courier new. Check it out, and order yours today!"

Comment: Upgrading? (Score 1) 356

by linnerd40 (#14870278) Attached to: The Trouble With Software Upgrades
I often find upgrading quite a hassle. Some programs I use come up with updates every 2 days! That is insane. I just want software that works. Who really cares about a little upgrade that adds one tiny feature or fixes a non-problematic bug. If you want stability, go with Linux or BSD. Some might say that the applications are not the best but that is wrong. It may take a little effort, but you can get just as good programs for Linux as for Windows. I often perfer the Linux counter parts of Windows applications. Besides, Windows is so easy. I want a challenge. Ok, off topic now. Anywayz, I find updating software for major upgrades only is quite sufficiant and I have had no problems with compatibility or stability.

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