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Comment: Nice SLA, SITE IS DOWN (Score 1) 135

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Never heard of this, so I clicked on the link, this is what I get: Server Outage IMPORTANT: Some proxies seem to incorrectly cache this page. To ensure you have the latest information, please hold down the Ctrl key and click the Refresh or Reload button in your browser to force a refresh of this page. I'm sorry, the server your email is on is currently down. We apologise for the inconvenience; any email sent to you during this time is being queued by another server and will be delivered as soon as the server is working again. Status updates about why this server is down and when it will be working again will be posted to our status blog. Please check back in a few minutes to access your email. Reported by

Very Nice.

Comment: Re:Any encrypted transmission protocol actually (Score 5, Insightful) 536

by link-error (#28533895) Attached to: Guaranteed Transmission Protocols For Windows?
Wrong. FTP has a binary mode. This is probably the reason his files are missing several k at the destination. Sending a binary file in ascii mode is the ONLY TIME I've ever had a file not transfer entirely/correctly using FTP. Unless of course there is a network error/timeout, etc, but the FTP client always errored out in those cases. Using SFTP over an already secure network will only slow things down greatly.

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It's probably more like they aren't rolling back some transaction on a network error or something. Network timeouts, etc, are probably doubling up the votes from that machine. It's probably an unusual error so it doesn't get caught in testing. Like busy networks on election night? It's not that hard to imagine.

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link-error (143838) writes ""Under an agreement to be announced Wednesday, Google (Charts, Fortune 500) will pay Nielsen an undisclosed amount to obtain detailed information about the kinds of people who watch specific TV shows." They claim that this will allow them to know the demographics of who is watching the TV commercials on EchoStar and Astound Broadband cable service for which they provide advertising service. Surely they can already obtain this information directly. What do they really want to use this information for?"
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