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Comment Re:Moan moan moan (Score -1, Troll) 172

Here we go, the usual slashdot moan-fest when there's any Firefox news.

You know what, guys? Get over it.

Who the fuck modded this troll as "Insightful"? If the consensus of this web site is just to take it up the ass while big corps rape us silly... well, I guess that those are the only kinds of people left on this site since Slashdot totally fucked up the layout, added stupid videos and retarded twitter/facebook shit.

Tell, you what. You shitheads enjoy your corporate assfucking. I'm out of here.

Comment Article conclusion is quite a stretch (Score 1) 172

Wow, this article really pulls a conclusion out of its butt. They look at some vague web statistics, notice that Windows 7 has gone up a tad - likely due to seasonal usage differences or many other things - and then draw a wild conclusion that people are using it to get Windows 10?!

They are probably getting kickbacks from Microsoft for posting it.

Comment Re:While we're at it (Share on twiiiitter!) (Score 3) 127

Ah, so it is that way for everyone else to.

That is totally retarded UI design. Most people would not expect to have to click on the title to load the comments. And that action is already used for expanding minimized articles.

Obviously the entire idea is to get accidental clicks on their fucking "share" button.

Seriously, does Twitter and Facebook PAY for this sort of advertising?

Comment Re:trivial to circumvent (Score 0) 134

Expect hoodies, masks, or anything else like that to be completely illegal soon.

In fact, check your local bank. Mine already forbids wearing hats and sunglasses. Don't even think about wearing a mask in one.

Don't pretend for one second that rules like this won't slowly continue to expand elsewhere.

Comment Re:Why is it worth that much? (Score 4, Interesting) 143

Anything involving Apple is a bit nuts.

But among other things, an Apple I represents one of the early beginnings in the computing world. You can't get much closer to the direct early work of Woz and Jobs. Apple Is are indeed very rare. Supposedly most Apple Is were traded in for discounts on Apple IIs, so few were left in the general public. The parts themselves are rare. Woz chose some parts that weren't even incredibly common at the time - so it is difficult to build accurate replicas. (An Apple II replica, in contrast can be built from mostly from parts that are still available new)

There is actually quite a bit of demand for vintage items that similarly represent various "beginnings". Such as TRS-80s, Commodore PETs, Apple II/II+s, IBM 5150 PCs, etc, but those are common enough they can often be had for a few hundred dollars.

Comment Need to get the Vintage word out (Score 4, Interesting) 143

Sadly this kinds of thing happens every day. I'm surprised that a "recycler" even caught it before sending it off to a third world landfill. I dare say any manuals and software the owner had went directly in to the regular trash.

You can't keep it all, but for anything roughly 1980s or earlier vintage, it might be worth at least having a local computer geek taking a look at it before sending off for "recycling". Slashdotters probably already know this, but it would be good if people could get the word out. Big corps have the masses too well trained that anything more than a year or to old must be disposed of.

There are actually whole communities around vintage gear. If anyone has questions trying to identify old hardware or software, feel free to drop in at http://www.vintage-computer.co... and ask!

Comment Re:And What Technology Would That Be? (Score 3, Funny) 109

Otherwise you had to get one on disk.

Which is exactly how normal people obtained software back then. Most cheap computers didn't come with that much useful software pre-installed.

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Already forgot what else I was going to type :P

Comment What is the obsession with tattoos... (Score 5, Insightful) 403

Ick. I've never understood why people get tattoos. While I can respect the idea of using the human body as a canvas for art, it just doesn't come across as such. Perhaps it is just the way my brain is wired, when I see a tattoo my brain instinctively registers it as "damage" and that the person may be injured or ill. Certainly others must have the same instinctive reaction, yet it seems even more people are doing that these days.

Comment Re:What about control of Google Maps? (Score 1) 286

Are you paying Google for Google Maps? You don't own the product, you don't even lease/rent it. Since it is a web application, they can discontinue it at their discretion.

Presumably companies and businesses that appear prominently on there DO pay Google something. And it should be obvious that it is in those businesses' best interests if users can find their businesses quickly, easily, reliably, and in a familiar way, even if it means using an older better version.

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