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Comment: Re:Talking outta ass (Score 1) 260

by lilo_booter (#46497305) Attached to: The Era of Facebook Is an Anomaly

The current generation of kids do, just as the current generation of parents and grand parents do. This doesn't seem to me like a mix that will survive long - FB will eventually split into an adult only thing with the following generation gravitating to something else, and thus will eventually whither and die.

I think the article is generally right - a large group will eventually split into many groups, be it by age, common interests or as a reaction to a lack of privacy and against the 'establishment' in general.

Comment: Re:Boatware (Score 4, Insightful) 403

Indeed. I don't see the problem anyway - just because it's based on free software does not mean it's free to produce a good product. I'm in the market for a new laptop and may even consider this one - but if it too comes with bloatware/shovelware, I'll probably avoid it...

Comment: Re:FUD (Score 1) 304

by lilo_booter (#39134615) Attached to: Microsoft's Anti-Google Video Campaign
For me, google docs provides a different service to Office - cross platform collaborative editing. That alone gives it an edge.

If anything, I hope they don't try to compete feature for feature with Office - as it stands, there's such a short learning curve involved to use it which is a great equaliser when it comes to working with people with differing skill sets.

Comment: Re:Apple, really? (Score 1) 188

by lilo_booter (#35268570) Attached to: Laptop Design For Disassembly
Was thinking exactly the same thing - replaced a hard drive in an MBP last year, 32 screws... all Philips, except the last 4 were torx. Didn't have the right size, so had to go into town the following day to complete the job. At least it was a relatively standard size though, unlike the screws they're using on their newer models... Someone is selling the screw drivers here though.

Comment: Re:Thanks, Miguel (Score 1) 274

by lilo_booter (#35129298) Attached to: USB Autorun Attacks Against Linux
Yes, but he also shows how the vulnerabilities stem from libraries which the desktop uses, and how, potentially, there are vulnerabilities all the way down, right to the kernel itself. No simple fix - short of turning off all automatic execution of processes against any unknown source (which is what I have done for quite some time - I do have thumbnail generation on local files, but after watching that, I think I'll give that the boot too :)).

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