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Comment: If the FTC had balls... (Score 1) 494

by lightningrod220 (#29131835) Attached to: SSN Overlap With Micronesia Causes Trouble For Woman
"hey, credit bureaus, guess what? You know how you were too fucking lazy to change your forms/software to account for these other countries and SSNs? Well, now you get to eat those debts, in your profits. And we'll let the IRS know, too, so you can't try some rotten underhanded tax tricks. And if we catch you wrongly harassing innocent civilians again, we'll rip out your balls and ship them to Jupiter. Clear?"

It frustrates me - the government is supposed to be here to serve the interests of private citizens and protect us from big corporations trying to rip us off (among other things), but somewhere along the line, they teamed up with big business and pinned down the American consumer while big business just kept swinging.

Comment: Switch to BB or Android for THIS? Puh-lease! (Score 0, Troll) 195

I'm not wishing I had a Blackberry or Android, at all. Never will. Their UI and experience are shit in comparison. And something useless like Latitude won't make me switch platforms. That author was making some pretty stupid generalizations. People aren't switching platforms due to apps on the iPhone (or not on the iPhone), but they *do* want to switch carriers in the US. Many will tell you - the moment Apple drops AT&T and goes Verizon, you're going to see a HUGE migration. Some people will be giving AT&T the ol' "fuck you and your mother" while Steve Jobs is still on stage. They're here for the iPhone, and aren't about to change phones.

Comment: Planning for the future? (Score 1) 142

by lightningrod220 (#28465427) Attached to: China Starts/Stops Blocking Google
Is it possible they're merely testing to see if they can pull a full-scale blockade of Internet communications, if they ever have the need? I know if I was running a tyrannical government, I'd be looking to avoid the problems that Iran's government is having. You can't block them after things go bad, but if you do it *quietly* shortly before, you might have a better chance. Possibly.

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