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Uhhh...nearly every router out there will let you set rules and set up devices which are not allowed to reach the outside, all you have to do is use 'em. For the record it was a $30 Trendnet so if I could set one up using that no name POS surely you can do so too?

And sorry if I didn't make it clear but that is the point of the VLAN, the 2K box can talk to the Win 7 box but CAN NOT reach the WWW, whereas the Win 7 box not only can reach the 2K but also the net.

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by hairyfeet (#48028171) Attached to: Adobe Photoshop Is Coming To Linux, Through Chromebooks why not just use Paint Shop pro (the old version) and be done with it? I have a graphic artist customer that swears by the old Macromedia XRes so ya know what? HE USES XRES, I know, actually using what you like! Crazy huh?

But ya see that is why its so awesome today, because thanks to the truly insane amount of CPU power we can get VERY cheaply its trivial to just run a VM and stick with what you like! Hell don't want to bother with a VM you can pick up a C2D box (or if you want something small the new AM1 quads) for a little of nothing, slap it on a KVM switch and put it on a VLAN...tada! Now you can run Win2K or whatever OS floats your boat that your old version requires and still use a modern OS with just a push of a button, easy peasy!

So there really is no point using software you hate anymore, not with all the cheap computing power we have at our fingertips. Oh as for the XRes customer he is using an old Athlon X64 system I got a hold of and paired with Win2K and 2GB of RAM this makes a perfect platform for the circa 1998 XRes. With a $10 2 port KVM and a VLAN set up for the old 2K box on the router he already had this is a really dirt cheap way of keeping your favorite old software while being able to switch instantly between old and new.

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Bimbo Newton Crosby, Nvidia has been getting a LOT of shit about how easy it is to flash the firmware to lie about the card and I am 100% with the users on this as there is ZERO way to tell what chip a graphics card is using without tearing the card apart, voiding any warranty, and possibly damaging the card in the process. After all if I hand you a card with a huge double heatsink and tell you its the latest card, the screencaps show GPU-Z showing its the latest card, how else are you gonna tell what it is without tearing off the sink and seeing what chip is underneath?

I do think its funny the author tries to frame it as a "freedum!" issue which I would argue it is, only its Nvidia trying to give its customers the freedom from being scammed!

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Well if you had ALL VXD or ALL WDM? then you didn't run into the GDI bug so most likely you had all VXD drivers. you see what really doomed WinME was that Win2K had come out and it was using WDM and the OEMs already had XP beta and it too was WDM and if MSFT says it can use both why not just use these WDM drivers for the new stuff and use the old VXD for the older hardware we are still selling? Most folks don't realize most boards, especially back then, were this mishmash of hardware that could be as much as 5 years old, see the whole "Vista capable" debacle that came about because Intel still had a warehouse full of shitty 9xx chipsets they were trying to move. The 9xx were IRL a DX8 GPU that Intel used software to run parts of DX9 on the CPU, which just didn't work worth a piss in the first place and which tied a boat anchor to Vista, hence "Vista capable" that only ran Vista Basic non accelerated desktops.

On your Win9X the biggest offenders for having old drivers were the "winmodems" and the sound chips, the old Sounddesign and Realtek chips were used for ages, hell I have seen boards as late as 3 years ago with AC97 sound chips on them! So this is what bit WinME in the ass, the OEMs would mix and match VXD and WDM drivers and with a 16bit GDI already being severely memory constrained? Yeah it really didn't take much, just one even slightly leaky driver could cause the house of cards to come crashing down.

As far as Linux goes like you I wanted options but after 5 years of dealing with their bullshit? there is a REASON I call 'em FOSSies, like Moonies and Scientology the amount of logic disconnect and the sheer amount of fuckery they are willing to tolerate and hoops they are willing to jump JUST to support their belief system? Its fucking nuts. I mean we'd laugh our asses off if MSFT told us we had to blow away our OS every year and a half, or that you would have to change to a different OS and reload ALL your programs AND reset and reinstall ALL your software because some jackass changed a critical subsystem and now your hardware doesn't work, right? Yet both of these are considered completely "normal" behavior, I have even read articles by Linux "experts" advising new users to have their Home on a seperate partition so that when ubuntu or Mint or whomever shits on their drivers they can "easily swap" distros until they find one that works...of course then they get to spend hours reinstalling all their software and getting everything back the way they had it, but that is part of the "fun" of Linux, right?

As for Win 9? The rumor is Nadella is sick and tired of so many refusing to upgrade from WinXP and Win 7 so the rumor is he is gonna give it either free for everybody or free for those that bought win 8 and $20-$40 a pop for WinHome for everybody else, just to get XP off the radar. Now this is just a rumor but its coming from reliable sources like Mary Jo Foley whom have been on the money in the past and it also lines up with what Nadella has been saying about making Windows less about "one big purchase a decade" and more about selling add on services like SkyDrive and Office 365. Again this is rumor but makes sense, especially if Cortana (their version of Siri) and Bing are gonna be integrated the way Google integrates their search into Android. as someone who uses Bing this is fine with me and if integrates as smoothly as Google search does with Android I really don't have a problem with it.

Finally as for Linux numbers get ready to bust a gut, as it seems that the users are growing wise to their bullshit. From a high of 1.7% after ubuntu 9 and their big ad push their current figures worldwide? Drumroll...0.97%. that is right, they aren't even 1% anymore and are just 0.01% higher than "other" which is commonly accepted to be Win2K and Win98 put together LOL! How much did they gain when Win 8 pissed everybody off? 0.00%, that is right any change was so low as not to register. Now I don't know about you but if I were to give my product away for 20 years against a competitor that sold their for $100 and couldn't even make a lousy 5%? Then I'd be taking a looong look in the mirror and asking "what am I doing wrong that the other guy is doing right" but spending 5 years in the trenches like I said to them a functional OS? Really isn't even a primary concern, its all about the politics of GPL and the belief system, for an example look at how many say "just fork it" when its pointed out systemd is a cancer spreading through the Joe Average has the ability to rewrite a huge chunk of a major subsystem...yeah and I have a 14 foot dick named Leeroy Jenkins LOL.

Anyway we should know more on the 30th, that is when the tech release of Win 9 is supposed to hit, just keep an eye out on freshnews and dailyrotation for more info.

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That is why I loved the NovaLogic games, thanks to Voxels you didn't get that "pop in" when you changed your view distance (like with sniping) that we saw in so many games back in the day. I never understood why their voxel tech didn't take off, they must have been dicks when it came to licensing or something as their games in the late 90s/early 00s looked a lot better IMHO than the other guys while running smooth on (what was then) not even a midrange system.

But as far as graphics goes...the games ALREADY have better looking graphics than we can really notice while playing so do we really need even more? Personally I think we have gone backward, with games like Far Cry and FEAR 1 having MUCH better AI and a better overall experience than todays games simply because everything has been sacrificed on the alter of graphics. How many games have YOU played that this summary is apt? "The graphics were amazing, gameplay blew chunks" because I have played too damned many that fit that description. Maybe I am weird but I'd rather have a game with Far Cry 1 or even no One Lives Forever 2 graphics that was FUN with a capital F than have another really pretty and boring as shit sandbox to play in. We have seen what that gets us, games where we get the "fun" of shuttling around our fat cousin to get drunk and get fatter...blech.

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VXDs were .INI based, a hell of a lot like DOS "bare metal" drivers while WDM had a much more sane isolation driver model, in fact last I checked you could run XP WDM drivers on Win 7...try THAT with Linux and see how far you get! But trying to have bare metal drivers AND isolated drivers while dealing with the 16bit GDI memory state just overloaded the OS which eventually would cause a crash thanks to lack of memory for the desktop subsystem. Most folks don't know that all Win9X had a fatal GDI flaw where the GDI would run out of memory, no matter how much you had, because crucial parts of its subsystem were 16bit leftovers and THAT is what killed WinME, trying to fit two completely different driver models into a 16bit limited memory manager was just too much.

As far as Linux? Give it up, because as Linus has a pulse it will NEVER get any better. I mean we'd laugh if Windows still ran with VXD drivers, right? Well Linus' driver model is sooooo old that VXD would be a step up! The simple fact is the "let the kernel devs handle it" worked back when ALL of Linux AND the drivers could fit on a floppy but when you have over 100,000 drivers AND new drivers in the thousands released every quarter AND major parts from the kernel on up in flux? Its easy enough to do basic math and see it doesn't stand a chance of being stable. This is why the "Hairyfeet Challenge" has stood for 8 years now, because Linux just can't update itself without the house of cards that is the drivers falls apart.

And the hilarious part? They claim you are an "anti FOSS shill" for daring to ask for functional drivers, and the best part is its NOT FOSS, as BSD? Has functional drivers, they simply are focused on servers so they don't have drivers for consumer hardware! But NO OTHER OS uses Linus's shit model, not BSD, not OSX, hell even OS fucking 2 has a more functional driver model than Linux!

Mark my words Windows 9 is gonna make Linux look like the POS that it is and gonna slaughter Linux on the desktop...I mean a Windows that is nearly 40% FASTER than Win 7 AND its gonna be less than $40 a pop, possibly even free? And you are right about hardware, I can slap Win 7 on a late model P4 with an IGP and GB of RAM and its fine, that exact same system on the supposedly "lightweight" Linux just crawls unless you use a Win98 looking DE like Blackbox. But you spend any time with Linux and you find out a good 90%+ of their claims? Total bullshit, classic circle of loon. As I go to sleep I'll be having my hexacore process a half a dozen videos AND convert a video to DVD and meanwhile just basic things that Windows has had since 2006 like hardware acceleration? Doesn't work, in fact just basic multitasking is a crapshoot so yeah, don't bother its not worth it.

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What pisses me off about shareholders is the new scam all these vultures like Bain are using to absolutely destroy companies while squeezing every last dime out before leaving a trail of misery and unemployment, the "sell the land" scam.

For those that haven't heard of this scam here is the gist, raiders find a company that has some juicy property like Red Lobster or Olive Garden (hell possibly Dell, never looked at how many pieces of property they own) and then they buy enough shares to gain some control. They then force the company to split in two, one owns the lands while the second leases the land. The scum then sell off the land to their holding company, forcing the original company to use the money from the sale to pay them a dividend! So they get paid twice, first in the dividend and the second the high leasing fees they charge the original company for what WAS their own property. Then they just cash out their stock in the original company and bleed it dry with rental prices until they go bankrupt, lather rinse repeat.

So I don't blame Dell for getting out of the market as the market is so broken now that short term gains trumps all, even if it causes long term suicide to the company. BTW if you wanna know why the market is such a fucking mess you can blame Ronnie Raygun for forcing the retirement funds of the entire nation to be pumped into the market via 401K and 403B. Remember this next time somebody on the right says putting social security into the market would be a good thing.

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Then we will get to see evolution in action as the stupid ones who raided the hospital to "rescue" their dying relatives from "bad white medicine" as the witch doctors called it, refuse to give up ritual washing of the bleeding sore covered dead, and generally refuse to listen to anything said by an outsider dies out and those smart enough to listen will survive.

I'm sorry but I have a real hard time feeling sympathy for those that act pants on head retarded and get themselves killed. Hell how many here know how this latest outbreak came about? Everybody from local governments to the Red Cross has been saying to the local population since the mid 1980s "Whatever you do DO NOT EAT BUSH MEAT,ESPECIALLY MONKEYS!!" so what did they find when they went looking for patient zero? A woman who has made a meal of bush meat, specifically monkey, and cut herself while chopping up monkey meat....I'm sorry but if you are THAT fucking stupid, that 30 years of warnings still don't work? Well maybe its time for some good old fashioned Darwinism to weed out the brainless so they can stop pissing in the gene pool.

I know it sounds heartless and cruel but to use a famed car analogy if I stick up 40 signs that say "If you step in front of trucks you will be maimed or killed" show you a video titled" Why stepping in front of trucks is bad" followed by handing you a pamphlet entitled "just say no to stepping in front of trucks" only to have you throw it in the trash, hand your friend a camera and go "Hi my name is Steve-o and this is stepping in front of trucks" and get yourself turned into a mangled mess of broken bones and screams why EXACTLY should I feel sorry for you? After all I did all i could to warn you of the danger, but if you simply refuse to listen what else can you do but let Darwin thin the herd?

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Really? I thought we lived in America where slavery in all forms was alive and well, we just call them illegals. After al you can work them like dogs, give them unsafe work conditions the "freemen" won't touch, and if they get injured its even better than slavery because you aren't out the large investment of buying a slave, you can just kick 'em out in front of an ER and grab another off the street corner easy peasy.

Oh and thanks to the joke of a border according to my friends in law enforcement old fashioned slavery is alive and well too, they say you can buy a girl from the coyotes for as little as $5k in cash, $10k and they'll deliver.

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Obviously you've never loaded one of the "aggressive" flash ads with a bunch of buttons and clickable crap built into the animation? Because I have seen one of those drag a 3GHz quad down to a crawl thanks to all the crap its trying to render being spread like the clap across a dozen CDNs, half of whom take forever and a day to respond or time out, which causes it to call the next CDN in its list...yeah sorry but the new ads are even nastier than you can imagine.

If you want to see it for yourself just surf some "mainstream" sites like CNN, AOL, Yahoo "News" and the like for a couple hours with no adblocking, just be sure to have an offline disc image so you can blast the OS and restore from images. Hell I used to use a VM at the shop to let an image get the latest drive bys to test various AVs and stay up to date on removal methods but not anymore, with the latest bloated mess called "interactive ads" I had to quit because even with a C2D doing nothing but running the VM those bastards would slam it so hard I'd be lucky if I could kill the VM, it would just redline the cores to the firewall, nasty shit. Maybe if I slapped in a C2Q and limited the VM to only 2 or 3 cores I could do it again but frankly articles like this only prove my theory correct, back any precious memories, nuke the OS, and make sure they have a choice of browsers with ABP loaded into all of them.

Oh and just FYI since insisting that my customers only use browsers I've preloaded with ABP? I've watched infections disappear, even my most clueless click happy customers only have to call me for hardware or networking issues. Of course it turned out just as I told my clueless former boss it would, because I'm "the guy that builds PCs so they don't mess up" I get referrals up the ying yang so I don't have to worry about repeat business, they are happy to tell everybody and their dog the ONLY place they should get a PC fixed or have one worked on is from/by me.

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Well to be fair to the SWAT they were told they had a hostage situation and having friends that are ex-cops I can tell you those calls are the ones they always feared because one wrong move and you have to explain to somebody why their wife or kid is in a body bag, so they naturally are gonna go heavy when you have hostages. the fact that there are so many absolute douchebags on this earth that "SWATting" could actually become a word? Just shows why you have to assume asshattery anymore when it comes to anything and everything, too many wastes of space on this planet.

And the simple fact that long term Linux professionals, the kind that write articles for major sites and are called on for expert Linux advice actually suggest that having a separate home partition and blowing away the whole OS, including programs and settings, every year and a half is a "viable solution" just shows why I call 'em FOSSies, because like Moonies and Scientologists there is a serious fucking disconnect between what they consider normal and reality! I mean can you imagine me selling customers a PC and telling them they are gonna have to blow away their OS every year and a half and that they only have X number of months before they have to wipe and start over? I'd be out of business before the year was out! But that just shows how cult like their thinking has become, because Torvalds has made it clear as long as he has a pulse the whole "stick it all in the kernel" bullshit is NEVER gonna go away so instead of going "Welp that's fucked up, lets go somewhere else" they cook up these elaborate workarounds just to give them a bare semblance of what Windows and OSX have had for the better part of a decade!

Finally as for WinME...wanna know what killed WinME? The douchebag at MSFT who said that WinME could run VXD drivers. If you had a WinME system with ONLY WDM drivers? It was solid as a rock, in fact I had a customer who didn't retire his WinME system until it died in 2009 because it worked perfectly all that time. But Lord have mercy if you mixed WDM and VXD as loading both made WinME an unstable mess of an OS, but I'd rather be trapped on a system that had only WinME and Win 8 in a dual boot than deal with Linux as like you I have better things to do than spend my time trying to fix Torvalds' fuckups.

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I simply think they know what is coming, we are about to hit (if we haven't already) the singularity, that moment in history where the world is completely changed forever, like the invention of the engine and the airplane but the coming one? Its NOT gonna be nice if the "Ayn Randiates" in the halls of power have their way.

So what is the new singularity? Simple its the day when human labor is no longer needed to maintain and advance the world. Its the day when everything from picking beans to paving roads can all be done by machines that never get paid, never ask for days off, its the corporate idea of heaven!Its the dark reality of John Henry, that no matter how hard you work, even if you work yourself to death, the machine will just keep on working and will run you down without a bit of remorse.

When that day comes there is really only 3 paths, one of which we partially do now which is 1.- "make work" where you pay somebody for doing a pointless "job". We do that now at fast food joints, if you raised the minimum wage to a living wage and quit letting the corps hand out "how to get government handout" videos to new employees? You'd find within a year all the fast food workers replaced with an automated system that not only wouldn't get paid but would probably have a better track record than the underpaid overworked employees do know when it comes to getting orders correct.

The second option would be the "Star Trek Socialist paradise" which would be the most humane of the three, basically give everyone a basic wage and let them do what they will with their free time while giving extra benefits and credits to those that choose to "serve the greater good" by devoting themselves to science and medical research. It sounds now but sadly too many greedy bastards at the top would rather burn the forest down than share the trees which brings us to #3 which is what I think all the 3 letter agencies are ramping up for..

A fascist dictatorship where the elite rule with an iron boot using fear and violence where those at the top commit systematic genocide by forcing the "useless people" to live in ever worsening squalor, probably while claiming they are just "lazy" because they can't compete with the Asian slaves building our electronics. You would need the 3 letter agencies for several jobs in such a shift, to inspire fear and paranoia, to monitor and allow you to remove anybody that could possibly lead the peasants in an uprising, and to get enough dirt on those with weaker stomachs to insure they "get with the program".

Considering how much we have been seeing the mask fall off when it comes to those in power, how they just ignore any and all promises without fear of punishment and how many in power seem to get almost sadistic glee at the thought of stomping on the poor? Sadly I have a feeling its gonna be the third option. They'll use a major false flag to excuse "extraordinary measures" that will simply never end and get worse...war on terror anyone?

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THIS, this right here, is what royally pisses me off with the "Linux is ready for the desktop" crowd, because its fucking trivial to show that even the most basic consumer hardware just DOES NOT WORK while basic common sense features, like having a way to roll back drivers when an update hoses them or roll back the system when something goes wrong, that Windows has had for a decade and a fricking half just do not exist. I mean how bad would the FOSSies be laughing if you had to wipe and reinstall Windows every year to year and a half just to get the latest security updates? Well I get that trotted out as a viable "solution" to the fact that no Linux distro can pass the Hairyfeet challenge, which boils down to "get 5 years worth of updates without shitting yourself". Last time I saw that level of shitty in Windows was WinME!

And its sad but I realized years ago that most security problems, both on and offline, could be solved by merely applying the "douchebag rule". Act like the world is filled with vicious trolling POSes that will do something nasty even when they don't gain from it? Watch your issues disappear. Its sad that we have come to that point but we have so many worthless excuses for human beings with nothing better to do than cause grief and misery because they can that this is the world we live in. Hell did you see that article in yahoo about SWAT kicking down the door of a COD player and coming within a hair of killing the kid? Turned out somebody he beat online got butthurt and deciding to call SWAT on him just to be a giant fucking prick, THAT is the world we live in now.

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