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+ - van chuyen hang di my, goi hang di my->

Submitted by
lienbien writes "Van chuyen hang di my Marilink Logistics dap ung moi nhu cau cua khach hang van chuyen quoc te. Marilink la cong ty dich vu quoc te voi phuong thuc giao hang tan noi tu Viet Nam di quoc te. Cong ty Marilink chuyen cung cap cac dich vu van chuyen hang di my bao gom: + Nhan lam thu tuc khai thue hai quan, xuat nhap khau hang hoa tu Viet Nam van chuyen"
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Comment: (Score -1, Troll) 29

by lienbien (#40548965) Attached to: Cyberoam Packet Inspection Devices Open Traffic To Third Parties
van chuyen hang di My, Uc, chau Au, Phap, Anh, Duc, Nhat, Canada, Han Quoc, Sin gia re Marilink Logistics chuyen giao nhan hang hoa Quoc Te, van chuyen quoc te, van tai quoc te bang Duong Bien va Hang Khong den cac quoc gia tren the gioi voi gia ca canh tranh nhat. Lien he:

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