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Comment: Re:Double bind (Score 4, Insightful) 1431

by lexlthr (#45952251) Attached to: Man Shot To Death For Texting During Movie

Texter gets what he deserves vs. more cop brutality. My brain can't handle it.

Really? He deserves to be shot to death for texting his 3-year old during the previews? The PREVIEWS! His child has no father now because the stupid old man couldn't let it go. I've watched the previews before while someone ahead of me is texting - you look UP to see the movie, DOWN to see the phone in the row ahead of you. I can't believe how many posts are applauding this - a man is dead.

Comment: Re:Lenovo is owned by the Chinese government (Score 2) 120

by lexlthr (#41541181) Attached to: Lenovo Building Manufacturing Plant in North Carolina

The worst crowd who could possibly own a company. I'd say this is just a token gesture to lull us into a false sense of security that outsourcing to China has any long term benefits

From http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lenovo Responding to claims that Lenovo is a state owned enterprise CEO Yang Yuanqing said: "Our company is a 100% market oriented company. Some people have said we are a state owned enterprise. It's 100% not true. In 1984 the Chinese Academy of Sciences only invested $25,000 in our company. The purpose of the Chinese Academy of Sciences to invest in this company was that they wanted to commercialize their research results. The Chinese Academy of Sciences is a pure research entity in China, owned by the government. From this point, you could say we're different from state-owned enterprises. Secondly, after this investment, this company is run totally by the founders and management team. The government has never been involved in our daily operation, in important decisions, strategic direction, nomination of the CEO and top executives and financial management. Everything is done by our management team

Comment: Feynman's Challenger Report (Score 2) 199

Reminds me of the Feynman minority report on Challenger where he pointed out that with each success, NASA Management would set the bar lower using the logic if it didn't fail, it won't fail. Scary - Challenger only killed it's crew, weakening these rules could cause much more harm.

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